Genshin Impact leak shows Nahida reading minds with elemental skill

A recent Genshin Impact leak has found yet another use for Nahida's elemental skill that will make it even more fun to use outside of combat

Genshin Impact leak shows Nahida reading minds with Elemental Skill: anime girl with white hair and green eyes

This new Genshin Impact leak has revealed another use for Nahida’s elemental skill that has nothing to do with combat. It seems as though the Dendro Archon is able to read the minds of NPCs that are being targeted by her ability. And, if you played through the RPG‘s recent Archon Quests, you’d already know that Nahida can do some mind-bending things with the Akasha Terminals.

Nahida has shown that she can enter the mind of almost anyone who wears Akasha Terminals – little leaf-like devices that feed information directly into peoples’ minds. Given her title as the god of wisdom, this should come as no surprise.

The leak comes from a prominent Genshin leaker named BLANK who posted the details on Twitter. It appears that they’re getting this info from the Genshin Impact version 3.2 beta that’s currently only open to a select few players. They also state that the mind-reading results are full of placeholder text at the moment.

A short clip that was recently shared in a Reddit thread actually appears to confirm the info in BLANK’s tweet. In the video, we see Nahida use her Elemental Skill on Katheryne at the Sumeru City Adventurers’ Guild. A text box shows up immediately, showing that her thoughts are blank. This may seem like an error but, as we’ve discovered, Katheryne isn’t a normal person.

Additional details suggest that Nahida can only read the minds of the citizens within Sumeru City, which makes perfect sense considering they’re the only people who use Akasha Terminals at all times.

Nahida will be joining the roster in Genshin Impact version 3.2 alongside the new four-star Cryo user, Layla. And for those who are more interested in the Genshin Impact 3.2 rerun banners, it looks like Yoimiya, Childe, and Yae Miko will be returning to the game for the next update.