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Genshin Impact Nahida and Yoimiya day one sales are through the roof

The Genshin Impact Nahida and Yoimiya banners have only been live for a single day, and they've already produced incredibly high sales numbers for the anime RPG

Genshin Impact Nahida and Yoimiya day 1 sales are through the roof: anime girl with white hair and green eyes on a swing

The Genshin Impact Nahida and Yoimiya banners are doing even better than expected when it comes to day one sales numbers. As a collective, the community generally seems to love the Dendro Archon, so high numbers were to be expected. This is the moment that many players were saving their Primogems for, especially after playing through the RPG‘s recent Archon Quests where Nahida finds herself in trouble.

Nahida and Yoimiya have arrived just after Nilou and Albedo‘s banners, which produced middling sales numbers. That lull in sales has led to this current spike. And if we’re being honest, Nahida is likely the sole reason for the success. This is Yoimiya’s third rerun, and her most recent one was only three updates ago, back in version 2.8.

Nahida is easily the best Dendro character in the game at the moment, and she can synergize with a wide variety of team comps thanks to her strong abilities and the versatility of the Genshin Impact Dendro reactions. When looking at the numbers, it seems that the Dendro Archon has already blessed plenty of players.

Genshin Impact Nahida and Yoimiya day 1 sales are through the roof: colour coded chart showing sales numbers

The chart above comes from GenshinLab, a website that collects sales data from the Chinese App Store. It’s a specific set of data that leaves out other regions and platforms, but this is still a huge chunk of the RPG’s player base.

As you can see, Nahida and Yoimiya have managed to top Venti’s solo rerun day-one sales – and all other day one sales from every other banner – by producing about USD $5,111,701 on their first day. Venti is now in second place with about USD $5,030,755.

If you’re looking to add Nahida or Yoimiya to your team in Genshin Impact version 3.2, be sure to read up on how many Primogems you can earn this update. And don’t forget that Yae Miko and Childe are also getting reruns in the second half of 3.2 alongside the Cryo newcomer, Layla.