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Here’s how many Primogems you can earn in Genshin Impact version 3.0

It seems like Genshin Impact Primogems in version 3.0 will be plentiful, with over a dozen ways to get currency in the RPG for the new five star character

Genshin Impact Primogems 3.0: Dori the merchant looks at a purple blob

It’s once again time to look ahead and see how many Genshin Impact Primogems in version 3.0 you can earn. Primogems rule everything around us when it comes to open-world RPG, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a player who disagrees. SoraHoshina — a guide writer and moderator on HoYoLAB — has put together a helpful infographic that calculates how many Primogems players can expect to earn in Genshin Impact version 3.0.

SoraHoshina posts useful infographics on the site quite often, including their estimates for version 2.8. This time, they break down the Primo numbers to provide estimates for both free-to-play players and those who choose to spend a bit of money on the game.

Plenty of Primogem sources are taken into account, including region-specific Archon Quests, overall Sumeru exploration and Achievements, live stream codes, and even test runs for new characters. Check out the numbers for yourself below:


Based on SoraHoshina’s estimates, free-to-play players can expect to earn around 9,140 Primogems, 30 Acquaint Fates, and 15 Intertwined Fates in version 3.0, while paying players should see about 12,970 Primogems, 30 Acquaint Fates, and 19 Intertwined Fates. Essentially, we’re looking at a lot of pulls, no matter which kind of player you are.

It’s still important to note that these are not exact, guaranteed numbers, though. The infographic also presumes that players will be able to earn every star in both cycles of the Spiral Abyss, so numbers may also vary depending on how strong your characters are. There’s also no telling how many chests Sumeru will have or what the event reward numbers will actually be like.

Additionally, new and unpredictable events are still expected to occur that will no doubt offer up even more Primos than what’s listed above, especially since this is a brand-new region that the majority of players know very little about.

If you’re looking to find out more about version 3.0, we have some valuable info about upcoming character banners, the Sumeru map size, and what to expect from the Tighnari banner once August 24 rolls around.