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Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event guide

The Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event invites you to explore Galezone domains and solve puzzles to receive primogems and character progression materials

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event: The Traveller, otherwise known as the main character of Genshin Impact, using her winged glider to take to the skies of Teyvat

The Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event is an upcoming domain event that’s set to release in the second phase of the Genshin Impact 3.1 update. It involves manipulating wind currents within Galezone domains to hunt down collectibles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies within a specific time limit to receive valuable rewards, some of which you can spend on Genshin Impact banners for a chance to acquire your favourite Genshin Impact characters. The event begins October 17 and ends on October 31.

You must be Adventurer Rank 20 or above before you can take part in the Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event, so if you’re new to the world of Teyvat, check out our Genshin Impact leveling guide to get up to speed. Once you’ve met this condition, you can acquire the world quest to begin the event by speaking to Honglong, an event-exclusive NPC that veterans of the Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity event are sure to recognise.

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser domain challenges

The Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event takes place within one of several Galezone domains available over the course of the event, and each includes a number of domain challenges to complete.

Most Galezone domains involve manipulating wind currents to solve puzzles. Each wind current is generated by a Snagwind Nexus device, which you can interact with in order to move the wind current in a number of different directions. Some may be blocking your path and must be realigned, while others grant you access to hidden areas via the use of your glider.

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event: Kazuha, an Anemo character, approaching a Snagwind Nexus to traverse the Galezone domain.

The domain challenge’s main objective varies depending on the Galezone. Some may require you to reach an end goal, while others demand you solve a puzzle or defeat a certain number of enemies. However, like most domain challenges in the RPG game, there are several sub-objectives that you should endeavour to complete along the way. The first is to collect 25 Windcoins scattered throughout the Galezone, while the second involves completing three Windgrasper challenges. You can initiate a Windgrasper challenge by picking up one of the many Anemo elemental particles within the Galezone. Collect them all to complete the challenge.

The Wind Chaser event domain challenges are primarily a collectathon, but don’t expect to complete them at your own pace. Each domain comes with a time limit, and failing to complete the Galezone domain challenges will limit the rewards you receive. If you’re having trouble or would simply prefer to complete the Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event as quickly as possible, you may invite another player to assist you in co-op mode.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event includes a specific Galezone known as the Realm of Southerly Winds, which grants a number of domain-exclusive combat effects that can be utilised to defeat enemies within a time limit. There’s also a Genshin Impact battle pass quest to conquer the Realm of Southerly Winds that rewards you with 1,500 Battle Pass experience (BEP), so it’s well worth pursuing.

Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event: A promotional banner listing the event rewards for the Wind Chaser event, including primogems and character upgrade materials.

Wind Chaser event rewards

By taking part in the Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event, you can expect to receive the following rewards:

  • 420 primogems
  • 21 Hero’s Wit
  • 30 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Two Guide to Freedom
  • Two Guide to Resistance
  • Two Guide to Ballad
  • Two Adventurer’s Experience
  • 310,000 Mora

It’s important to note that this list represents the total number of rewards available for completing every objective available within every Galezone for the duration of the event, so be sure to attempt them all.

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That’s everything there is to know about the Genshin Impact Wind Chaser event. Wind Chaser is just one of several upcoming Genshin Impact events scheduled. If you’re looking for more domain challenges in the expansive Sumeru region, check out our guide on how to unlock the Altar of Mirages in Genshin Impact, as well as the Garden of Endless Pillars domain location.