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Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle solution

If the Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle has you stumped, let us shine some light on the situation and give you the answers you seek.

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand - a Fwooper chick hatching out of its egg. Two other eggs are about to hatch.

Want to solve the Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle? This one stumped us for quite some time before we got the logic behind it, as it’s not immediately obvious what you’re supposed to do to open it. Instead, you find this door next to some pillars and a pedestal where you can place the Moonstone.

While it’s evident that moving the lamps requires one of the more basic Hogwarts Legacy spells – Accio – it’s not clear what the solution you’re looking for is for this most fiendish of open-world game puzzles. However, upon closer examination of the clues before you, it should become a little clearer what to do; if not, we have the solution to the puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand - the wizard is trying to drag a beacon with Accio while Poppy hunts a spider hatchling. A Centaur stands uselessly in the corner.

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle

The trick to the Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle is to look at the lit-up runes near the door, paying particular attention to the shadows. The shadows look as if they’re pointing at the symbols, so rather than positioning the pillars at the symbols, you need to position them so that the light they cast creates a similar shadow onto the lit-up symbols.

To solve the A Bird in the Hand door puzzle, cast Accio on the pillars and drag them both until they’re opposite one of the two runes that match the lit-up symbols on the wall. It doesn’t matter which one matches which rune as long as they both target different symbols. You’ll know you have the correct positions when Poppy excitedly exclaims that the door is opening.

Inside this chamber, there are also some boxes you need to move around to reach the higher platforms. Cast Wingadium Leviosa to shift their positions, then cast Leviosa to have them float in place if you need to climb up to grab treasure chests.

That’s how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in the Hand door puzzle. There are other confusing conundrums in the RPG game that you may need some assistance with, such as finding out what the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto is or deciphering the solution for the Hogwarts Legacy Depulso puzzle rooms. There are also plenty of Hogwarts Legacy secrets to uncover, such as how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle and how to manipulate time to complete the Hogwarts Legacy clock tower puzzle.

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