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Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell location and solution

A walkthrough of the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell side quest, including where to find the musical map and the location it displays to get the treasure.

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell - a musical map showing a location, some bells, and some musical notes.

Want to know how to finish the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell side quest? You can find many secrets in your first year at the famed school of witchcraft and wizardry, but perhaps the most mysterious is Henrietta’s Way, one of the many dungeons scattered around the late-game areas of the Scottish Highlands. Despite first appearances, these catacombs house one of the more fiendish puzzles for a young wizard or witch to solve.

This is a very similar style of challenge to the Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb treasure side quest, only more musical. Upon entering Henrietta’s Way, one of the many secret areas of the open-world-game, you’ll see a dice on a pedestal and an empty pedestal to its left. Turn to the left to see an unlit brazier. Ignite it with any of your fire-based Hogwarts Legacy spells to activate the mechanism within, and rotate the pillar to reveal a hidden dice. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and move the cube to the empty pedestal. Finally, you need to activate the dice by casting Incendio on the dice you brought over and Glacius on the one to its right. Enter the next chamber and defeat the Ashwinders inside. Head upstairs and turn left to find a shifting floor trap, which you can disable by casting Arresto Momentum. Beat the Ashwinders in the next room before casting Revelio to find the hidden chamber and claim its musical map, which starts the Solved by the Bell quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell - a map with an orange pin showing the location of the bells for the Solved by the Bell puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell location

The map you find inside this room shows a large island and nine bells, along with a small snippet of sheet music. The first part of the mystery is locating the bells. Open your Hogwarts Legacy map and travel to the building in the middle of Clagmar Coast using Floo Flames if you’ve already unlocked the nearby fast travel point. You’ll first want to obliterate all of the enemies here, including one of the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes that make this abandoned church their base.

At the southern end of the base, you’ll find the nine bells on the back wall. Climb up the wooden stairs and ledge to get close to them. If you can read music, you should now be able to play the notes and get the treasure to appear. However, to make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve labelled each bell with a number so you can ring them in a sequence:

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell - all of the bells with numbers in orange pins showing each bell.

8, 5, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 4

Yes, that’s not your imagination playing tricks on you. The answer to the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell music map is the opening notes to the Harry Potter theme. You should now see a chest to your left that contains the Treasure-Seeker’s Longcoat cosmetic item. This is not the only side quest in the RPG game where you can find some hidden treasure, you also get flashy coats as a reward for completing both the Cache in the Castle and the Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian keys side quests. We also have a list of available Hogwarts Legacy mods if you want to change things up a bit or the best PC games list for those who are ready to move on.

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