Outriders Forgotten Chapel guide – how to unlock the secret side quest

This quest hides a guaranteed legendary item drop

An Outrider holding a pistol and standing in front of a huge, firey explosion

Wondering how to access the Outriders Forgotten Chapel quest? There’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into in People Can Fly’s RPG shooter, and once you’ve finished the Outriders story missions, you’ll probably want to whack up the difficulty and challenge yourself on higher Outriders world tiers in search of glorious loot.

Even when you think you’ve polished off the story, if you’re just shy of 100% completion, there’s a side quest you may have missed. This hidden side quest is called Forgotten Chapel, and completing it gives you a random legendary – fingers crossed that it drops one of the best Outriders Legendary weapons or Outriders legendary armor pieces for you.

This side quest is hidden away relatively late in the game, during the ‘Sacrifice’ mission that sees you explore the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. The Outriders Forgotten Chapel quest is not repeatable – once you’ve got your legendary from the quest, that’s your lot. If you want a legendary with better stats, it’s best to wait until you can complete this quest on a higher world tier. Here’s how to unlock the secret Outriders quest, Forgotten Chapel.

How to unlock the Forgotten Chapel

To unlock the Forgotten Chapel side quest, you must first find and activate three keystones that are hidden around the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. While there are six in the area, there are three specific ones you will need to make sure are activated in order to begin the quest.

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As the above video by YouTuber Silverbakk explains, the three keystones are located:

  • To the east of the Camp
  • To the south of the Canyon Entrance
  • To the east of the Monolith

After activating all three keystones, you unlock the Forgotten Chapel sidequest. Head to the Wrecked APC, then follow the path up the stairs to your left to find the chapel door. Unlock the door by using the keystone outside, and then head into the chapel to find a chest with legendary loot inside.

If your Outriders Forgotten Chapel quest is not working, you may need to reset the area by returning to the lobby and re-loading into the Canyon. Several players have reported being unable to activate the first pillar, but a reload should fix it.

Hopefully you got a useful legendary – if not, head over to our Outriders farming locations guide and keep trying. We’ve also got an Outriders leveling guide, and the best Devastator builds, Trickster builds, Pyromancer builds, and Technomancer builds.