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Best Pals for Gathering in Palworld

All the info you need to recruit the best Pals for Gathering in Palworld, as well as some early game picks and late game specialists.

Best Palworld Gathering Pals: a Nitewing tucking into some fruit in a feeder bowl.

What are the best Palworld Gathering pals? It’s not one of the more specialist jobs in any Palworld base, but Gathering is what keeps your Pals supplied with enough food to sustain itself. Without a few Pals to harvest crops and place them in the Pal Feeder, your hard workers will starve and eventually faint.

With that in mind, you’ll likely want at least two Pals with the highest Gathering level to make a self-sustaining base in Palworld. We’ve explored the entire Palworld map and researched all Pals in the Paldeck to find out if there are any that are better than some top candidates found in the early game. Here, then, are the best Palworld Gathering Pals and where to find them.

Best Gathering Pals in Palworld

With a Gathering level of two, there are many candidates for the best Palworld Gathering pals, but the earliest and easiest one to find is Nitewing, which is near the ruins north of the Grassy Behemoth Hills travel point.

Gathering Pals are meant to support other types of Pals, most notably those that are planting crops. Therefore, you’ll need to own the best Palworld Planting Pals to sow the crops and the best Watering Palworld Pals to nourish them as they grow. Once ready, your Gathering Pals will then transport any crops they harvest to the nearest feeder, ready for your beasts to eat.

Many creatures in the Paldeck have access to level one Gathering, so it’s not really all that hard to hunt down some basic Pals to get access to this ability. Our list of the best gathering Pals is sorted by level and tier. This means that the C tier Pals have Gathering level one, while the S tier Pals get Gathering level four. Currently, there are no Pals with a Gathering score above two, but this could change as new Pals are added to the game.

Tier Pals
B Nitewing, Galeclaw, Robinquill, Elizabee, Grintale, Sweepa, Chillet, Maraith, Tombat, Verdash, Vaelet, Petallia, Quivern, Lyleen,
C Cattvia, Chikipi, Lifmunk, Tanzee, Vixy, Hoocrates, Cremis, Daedream, Nox, Killamari, Direhowl, Tocotoco, Flopie, Bristla, Hangyu, Hangyu Cryst, Ribbunny, Leezpunk, Leezpunk Ignis, Beegarde, Swee, Lunaris, Bushi, Beakon, Kingpaca, Shadowbeak,

A Nitewing is an eagle like bird with dark feathers. It's one of the best Palworld Gathering Pals.

Best focused Gathering Pal

Our picks for this category are either Nitewing or Grintale. While many others have a gathering level of two, these two only have one work suitability, meaning it’s heavily focused on harvesting as much stuff as possible. We explained earlier where you can find Nitewing, but Grintale is a level 17 Alpha Pal found northwest of the Marsh Islands Church Ruins to the east of the map.

The Verdash is a green cat-like creature that's one of the best Palworld Gathering Pals.

Best multitasking Gathering Pal

The best multitasking Gathering Pal is Verdash because it can adapt to its other work in a pinch, as its other job suitability skills are at level two or higher. It has work suitability in Planting, Gathering, Lumbering, Transporting, and Handiwork, making it a one-Pal base machine.

A Chikipi in Palworld, one of the best Gathering Pals, is just a chicken.

Best early game Gathering Pal

There’s no wrong answer for the best Gathering Pal early on, but due to a lack of other responsibilities, we’d go with Chikipi. It’s among the first you’ll meet, and you can even send it to the ranch to lay eggs, which are a great option for early-game Palworld cooking.

Now that you have some of the best Palworld Gathering Pals supporting your Palworld base with ample food stocks, you may also want to look into investing in other lines of work. We recommend grabbing the best Palworld Kindling Pals to help cook the food you harvest or the best Palworld Handiwork Pals to help keep your Palworld weapons stocked with ammo.