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Your PC gaming weekend: win a copy of Ark: Survival Evolved, try out GTA Online’s new mode, make Half-Life 3, and more!

Your PC Gaming Weekend

Happy September 1st! How about we say hello to the autumn the only way we know how? That’s right, by staying indoors, away from its blustery weather, playing PC games until someone tells us to stop. That’s what this is all about – we have the rundown of the best way to spend your time over the next couple of days. There are new game modes to try, double XP to earn, and brand new games to buy and play.

Enter our giveaway for Ark: Survival Evolved – we have 50 Steam keys!

Wait a minute. Doesn’t everybody and their pet dino already own Ark: Survival Evolved? Oh, apparently not. Well then, if want to win a copy of the online survival game – so you can die, die, die – then enter our giveaway. Get on it!

Go fast once again now that Sonic Mania is finally available on PC

Sonic Mania came out on consoles before it came to PC. Outrageous, right? But it’s here now, having arrived this week, although not without its share of problems – DRM and an online connection required to play. Don’t worry, Sega have sorted it out now. Go Spin Dash an old man.

Have a go at the new battle royale mode added to GTA Online

Oh, here we go… every game is going to have a battle royale mode now, isn’t it? Due to the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s not surprising that Rockstar have added this new game mode with the Smuggler’s Run update to GTA Online. Better give it a bash.

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Go through all the teen angst and drama of Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Can’t wait for more Life is Strange? You don’t have to! Life is Strange 2 isn’t here yet, but the prequel – titled Before the Storm – is now available for you to play. It follows Chloe in some of her most troubled times. You get to shape her personality a bit, too, which is interesting.

Swing your best punches in online martial arts game Absolver

If narrative games aren’t really your thing then perhaps punching people in the gut is. Absolver is a new online martial arts game in which you can create your own fighting style – well, you can customise the flow so it’s unique to you, at least. Beyond that, if you get really good, you can start giving lessons to other players. Cool!

Help uncover World of Warcraft’s latest secret mount, Lucid Nightmare

World of Warcraft players are struggling right now. No, it’s not that they can’t beat some ugly demon from another dimension or whatever it might be. The current pursuit that is dumbfounding the community is the search for the latest secret mount. They need your help.

Learn about nude mods, PC game sales, and more in the Weekend Esc

If you have a spare 12 minutes, don’t mind having a laugh, and want to catch up on the latest in PC gaming without having to read all these pesky words, then we have the thing for you. The Weekend Esc is our new-ish weekly video series in which we do all of the above. Enjoy!

Earn yourself double experience in Titanfall 2 this weekend

Titanfall 2 is having another double XP weekend right now. Yep, time to head back in and slide along the walls, jump into mechs, and blow up the sky. Oh, but there’s a reason for this: there’s yet another free DLC now available, which adds new maps, a new execution, and new warpaints for weapons.

Head into the terror-filled world of Sunless Skies, now on Early Access

Did you enjoy Sunless Sea? It’s that game about sailing around what is generally a terrible place and generating some wild stories told to you with literary confidence. Well, now the follow-up to that game is here – Sunless Skies. Go be a Victorian in space.

Make your own Half-Life 2: Episode 3, or even make Half-Life 3

As Marc Laidlaw, the lead writer of Half-Life 2, shared his plot for Episode 3, we now know what would have happened if Valve had bothered to make the damn thing. But who needs Valve when you can make your own Episode 3, or even Half-Life 3, using Laidlaw’s story? Exactly: we don’t. Go make your own game!

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