Your PC gaming weekend: win a game, play Prey, get hyped for Destiny 2, and more!

PC gaming weekend

A week is a fleeting thing. With a lifespan of merely seven days, it’s customary in human society to celebrate the end of its existence with a two-day-long party. People around the world do it in different ways. Some hit the booze, others hang out in parks, while many ignore it entirely and carry on working. Here at PCGamesN, we’re fond of doing a bit of (surprise!) PC gaming. 

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Not sure what to do with your weekend? Fear not, we’ve got a collection of ideas sure to make it the best time ever. Yup, even better than the time when you travelled to America in hope of collecting an autograph, only to discover that your passport had been revoked and civil war had broken out in your home country, forcing you to live for nine months in the airport terminal…

Win Arcane Raise – we’ve got 100 copies to give away!
If JRPGs are your bag, then our weekend giveaway will be right up your street. Arcane Raise is an indie very much in the mould of the most classic Final Fantasy games; pixel art sprites, turned-based combat, an inventory full of potions, and a world to save. Fancy taking on the monsters? You could be in with a chance of winning by simply clicking the link above.

See how Prey performs on PC
It’s understandable if you’ve got reservations about Prey on PC; Arkane’s last game, Dishonored 2, had a few performance issues at launch. Thankfully no such issues made it past quality control this time. In fact, Prey is one of the best performing triple-A PC games of the last few months.

Decide if you should believe the Destiny 2 hype
Destiny is a pretty big deal on console, to say the least. And with the series coming to PC this year with Destiny 2, we’ve got a big question: do you believe the hype? Ben and Rich sat down to discuss what we know so far, and tried to decide if it’s worth getting excited for.

Play the Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade expansion pack
Stardock have just released Crusade, the DLC expansion pack for Galactic Civilizations III. And boy is it worth your time, providing some incredible turn-by-turn opportunities and decisions. Our 9/10 review explains just why it’s the best release in the series so far.

Speculate on what’s in store for Overwatch’s first anniversary
In just a few weeks it’ll be Overwatch’s one-year anniversary. It’s almost certain that Blizzard will hold an event for the game’s first birthday, but what can we expect to see? This week’s episode of Overwatch This dives into the rumour mill to try and work out if Doomfist is finally on the way.

Read about how the Galax GTX 1070 EXOC SNPR provides the power of a 1080 for less
Overclocking is a magical art that can push your PC into new realms of power. If you want proof, just check out our review for the brand new Galax GTX 1070 EXOC SNPR. It’s a GTX 1070 graphics card that, when overclocked to 2GHz, provides similar performance to the much more expensive GTX 1080 card. Will it be your next upgrade?

Discover how Guild Wars 2’s art is a family business
Daniel Dociu was art director for the Guild Wars series from 2003 to 2017, and his beautiful concept art is well-regarded in the industry. Stepping into his shoes is his son Horia, and we spoke to him about his father’s principles, and how artists at ArenaNet are encouraged to experiment and change his initial designs.

Find out how Quake Champions’ frags help keep its problems at bay
We’ve been having a blast with id’s latest throwback shooter, Quake Champions. Over several hours of beta access we’ve explored every mode on offer, fragged a ton of players, and even had time to scribble down our extensive thoughts on what we’ve seen so far. There’s a few problems, but that silky-smooth shooting more than makes up for them. Want to see how it plays for yourself? We’ve got 5,000 Quake Champions beta keys to give away.

See how a TF2 player got on when they switched to Overwatch
It’s no secret that Overwatch borrows a few concepts from Team Fortress 2, but are skills transferrable? We had a TF2 player with 10 years of experience dive blindly into Overwatch to see if knowledge of the Medic, Engineer, and Sniper was enough to make him a Torb, Mercy, and Hanzo pro.

Debate if Nier: Automata’s approach to sex is more than just boobs and bums
It’s not controversial to say that Nier wants to be a bit sexy, what with all the short skirts and heavy cleavage. But does Nier actually have something philosophical to say about sexuality, or is it all just titillation? We had a good think and tried to solve that strange puzzle.

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And that’s everything for this weekend. Now go forth, have fun, and remember to regularly check back with PCGamesN for more news, videos, and features. I mean, we’re not your mum so we can’t force you to do that, but it’d be nice if you did.