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Everything that happened at the Square Enix conference

square enix press conference

We’re onto the last day of major conferences and they’re kicking off with Square Enix. This is their first conference in a few years so we know to expect some big news. We’re expecting Just Cause 4, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and most of all the Marvel game that Crystal Dynamics has been quietly working on for the bast two years.

Things kicked off with Matsuda introducing us to the video, it looks like Square Enix is going with a Nintendo Direct style pre-recorded video presentation. 

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First out of the stocks is a Shadow of the Tomb Raider teaser trailer and run straight into some jungle gameplay, introduced by creative director Daniel Chayer-Bisson. We see Lara pick up crafting materials, perform an aerial takedown, make use of her trademark bow. It was a lovely looking demo but also didn’t show anything much that was new or surprising.

This then rolled into a trailer announcing a Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV crossover. It will be coming this summer and looks like you’ll have to party up to take on some truly huge dragons.

Then we roll straight into a new trailer for the Life is Strange free prequel Captain Spirit. It does look lovely, and we only have a couple of weeks to wait until we can play it.

This was swiftly followed by a Dragon Quest XI trailer. The game was out in Japan last year but does look charming. We had a play of it recently and, can confirm, it features pat-able horses.

We got a look at Nier: Automata’s Become as Gods edition. No word on a sequel, but we have our fingers and toes crossed that it will be in development soon.

However, that’s not to say Platinum is resting on its laurels, the next game on show is Babylon’s Fall. This is a lovely thing to see, the studio did such a good job with Neir, it’s little surprise Square Enix has been keen to sign up a new project. Very little on show in the trailer, more a tease of the world it will take place in.

Now we’re onto something more my speed, a newJust Cause 4 gameplay trailer. We suspected this game was coming and it was leaked last week, but we had no idea about the tornados and extra strong grapple. This means we can now have significantly longer chains of items to fling around the world. For everything we’ve learned, do check out our Just Cause 4 guide.

Now something new, The Quiet Man. No real idea what this is, looks a little like Sleeping Dogs-style melee combat but you play a deaf protagonist. The teaser ends with the notice that more information will be coming in August.

Next we’re onto the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer from Microsoft’s show yesterday. It looks delightful but we’re still waiting on confirmation on PC.

And… er, that’s it. Nice to have a more low key conference after the madness of Microsoft and Bethesda’s yesterday, but it was odd not to see any Final Fantasy 7 or the Marvel game. Maybe it will appear in Sony’s conference later today, but it would be surprising for Square Enix not to drop it in its own stream.