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Can you use mechs in Starfield?

Starfield mechs served as powerful war machines in the history of the Settled Systems, and we're here to confirm whether you can find and pilot them.

A sketch drawing of a Starfield mech as part of a flashback of the Colony Wars. The mech has an arm with rocket launchers inside.

Can you use mechs in Starfield? A recent animated short in the Starfield: The Settled Systems series showed for the first time that humans have created and utilized mechanized armor suits for both war and interplanetary exploration. They were a significant factor in the Colony War, fought just outside of Akila City, so there’s a good chance that we’ll at least see some ruined husks in the deserts beyond the city walls.

With a whole universe to discover in Starfield, there’s every chance we could find traces of these old mechs on some of the planets in the galaxy. There are tons of cool features to look forward to, and it’s already shaping up to be a big game, so you may want to ensure your rig meets the Starfield system requirements. As the Starfield release date comes ever closer, there are two big questions: are there any Starfield mechs, and will you be able to pilot them?

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Can you pilot Starfield mechs?

Sadly, you will not be able to pilot a Starfield mech. This is according to Todd Howard, who confirmed that there won’t be any ground vehicles to help you explore planets.

The existence of mechs in the Starfield universe was initially confirmed via the anime series, but lead writer Emil Pagliarulo shared further details concerning their history, including their place in the official Starfield timeline.

“The mechs are leftovers from the Colony War,” Pagliarulo explained. “Both sides, United Colonies and Freestar Collective, had mechs. But the Freestar Collective really mastered them. The United Colonies had mechs, too, but they also relied on the controlled alien beasts from their Xenowarfare division.”

Starfield mechs were eventually outlawed in the Armistice that ended the Colony War, so they won’t be appearing as operational vehicles. However, Pagliarulo hinted that we could stumble upon an old mech battleground while exploring the map, so we may be able to scavenge the abandoned war machines for precious supplies – and acquire some of the best Starfield guns in the process.


While our dreams of piloting Starfield mechs might be quashed for the time being, that isn’t to say there aren’t vehicles at all; you can make your spaceship, which is arguably cooler. Here are some tips for Starfield space combat to survive dogfights, and our Starfield ship building guide to help you customize your spaceship with the best tech.

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