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How to get the Temtem surfboard before and after the crash

You’ll earn and lose this surfboard during Temtem, here’s how to get it both times

A temtem tamer riding a surfboard with a platypet

How do you get the surfboard in Temtem? If you’re familiar with Pokemon, you’ll remember that oceans can eventually be travelled across, but not until you can teach a pokemon how to surf. Temtem is similar, but this time around you need to find a surfboard to be able to do it.

There is a lot to Crema Games’ MMO PC game that makes it like a Pokemon PC game. You wake up in a small town and are then given a temtem starter to accompany you as you travel the land. You’ll also come across temtem evolutions, breeding, traits, and special luma temtem. Once you’ve assembled a team of the best temtem, you can take on dojos – not gyms – too.

Once you get the surfboard, you’ll be able to access new stretches of land to either advance the main story, or catch some new tems to add to your team. The point of Pokemon is to catch ‘em all, and it’s the same for Temtem – here’s how to get the surfboard in Temtem.

How to get the Temtem surfboard

You can get the surfboard in Temtem by defeating the leader of the first dojo, Sophia. You’ll have to work for it, though, as she’s not there when you arrive. To get her back, all you have to do is follow the main story quest. She’ll return after you rescue her, and that allows you to challenge her and pick up a board as a reward.

How to get the Temtem surfboard after the crash

You can get your surfboard back after the crash by following the main quest, again. After your ship goes down, you’ll find that your items are scattered across the ground. Don’t worry when you don’t come across your surfboard, though, as it’s by design. Eventually, you’ll find that someone in the nearby town has it and they’ll try and sell it back to you. After you complete a few quests, you’ll get it back and upgrade it so it can travel across acid.

And there you have it, how to get your surfboard before and after the crash. If you’d like some more Temtem guides, we put together a handy temtem type chart to help you in battles, and pulled together some information on the temtem ganki, as they have proven to be an early favourite in the game. If you’re also wondering where your temtem skates went, we looked into that, too – because we’re nice.