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Temtem skates: where to find the crystal skates

You’ll find and lose these crystal blades in Temtem, here’s where to find them and if you can get them back

Temtem tamers walking around a crystal town

How do you get the skates in Temtem? After you arrive on the second island in Crema Games’ Pokemon-inspired PC game you’ll notice what looks like lakes of red ice. These are stretches of crystal, and you’ll need a pair of crystal skates to get across them. If you don’t have them, you simply slip across without any control. That’s not all, either, you’ll lose them later on – figures.

If you’re unaware, Temtem is a MMO PC game that whisks you away to a sleepy hamlet and sets you off on an adventure with a temtem starter. There are temtem evolutions, breeding, traits, and special luma temtem, too. As you can see, it’s a lot like Pokemon. Much like Game Freak’s creature collector, certain areas are inaccessible unless you unlock a certain move or item. To get across the sea, for example, you’ll need a surfboard.

Throughout this guide we’ll go over how to get the Temtem skates and what point in the story you can expect to get them. We’ll also look into if you can get the Temtem skates back after a later point in the game’s story.

Where to find the Temtem skates

All you have to do to unlock the Temtem skates is complete a main story quest on the second island. You’ll eventually come across a spy called Carlos who will task you with infiltrating the Grand Banyan to investigate what Clan Belsoto is up to. After you fight your way in and complete the quest, Carlos will reward you with skates.

Can you get the Temtem skates back?

Unfortunately you can not get the skates back just yet. We are currently in Temtem early access, so we can’t play the full game. You also lose your Temtem surfboard, but you get it back and upgrade it as part of the story. Chances are that the skates will be similar.

And there you have it, where to get Temtem skates and whether or not you can get Temtem skates back. We’ve been on the Temtem beat a lot recently, and also have guides on the best Temtem, and the Temtem dojos you can put them to the test in, as well as a complete list of all the temtem available. The temtem Ganki is a personal favourite of ours, and we reckon they should be a favourite of yours, too.