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Best temtem: tier list of the best critters to build your team around

Here are our picks of the best temtem to add to your team early on


What are the best temtem to add to your team? To answer that question, we’ve wrangled the ones that stuck out the most into a temtem tier list. Since the early days of Pokemon, the incentive has always been to catch ’em all, but the truth is that you can only have six on your team at any given time.

Before we kick things off, here’s some insight into our thought process. We are currently in Temtem early access, which means we’ve yet to see the entire roster of Temtem. As such, we’ve decided to design this temtem tier list around the early game. That way, you can build up a strong team of tems as soon as possible. This is handy due to the way that temtem evolution works, as your temtem won’t evolve until it’s grown a certain amount of levels. Because of that, we’ve found it’s handy to get your tems nice and early, so you can get that nifty stat boost when they evolve.

We’ve also decided not to include every temtem. Instead, we’re focusing on the ones we think you need or should avoid at all costs. We have thrown a few in that we feel are just fine if all else fails. As more of the Airborne Archipelago unlocks over time, we’ll be sure to update this list with any new tems that are worth picking up. Here’s the best temtem you can get right now, and our temtem tier list for where they rank.

The best temtem are:

Top tier


You can pick up this temtem quite swiftly as Kaku is available in the early game and only takes 11 levels to evolve. Saku is a wind and nature type, but they can also learn toxic and mental moves, making them a good value pick.


When you get to Temtem’s second island you’ll come across oodles of fire and nature types. Nature types are a pain for a water type, but having a water temtem to hand for the various fire tems is lovely. Ukamas are great tems in their own right, and you can catch an Umishi early on and evolve it after 14 levels.


You can pick up the temtem Ganki pretty early, and it’s absolutely worth it as it’ll evolve into Gazuma after 27 levels. Temtem’s first area is stuffed with wind and water type temtem so you’ll get a lot of value early on. Barnshee is also quite prominent in the early game, but takes four times the damage from electricity as a mental and wind type. You can see where we’re going with this.


If you’re looking for another strong water type temtem then catch an Oceara in the Aguamarina Caves in Deniz. Oceara excels in special attack and speed, and doesn’t require training to evolve. Food for thought.


This temtem is a bit of a rarity as it’s both fire and crystal types. It also excels in defence and special defence, so it’s a tank, too. It takes four times the damage from earth, though, so keep that in mind.

Mid tier


As a wind and metal type hybrid, Barnshee is an appealing pick due to how unique its move set is. The main issue, however, is that Barnshee can be reliably one-shot with an electric move. As Ganki and Gazuma are early favourites among temtem tamers, we’ve decided not to move Barnshee into the top tier. Barnshee is still good, just get out or dodge if an electric type shows up.


This is another temtem that covers a lot of bases. Saipat is a duel water and melee type that learns a toxic attack called Venomous Claws early on. If you catch a Saipat with the toxic affinity temtem trait, it’ll do more damage. You can also nickname them Sai Duck, making for a witty call back to Pokemon.


This one is solid if you can catch one with the Electric Synthesize trait as it heals you if you take electric damage. That means you can use the Electric Charge attack and damage your foes while healing yourself.


Baboong is a solid starter, especially if you get the brawny trait. They have some nice moves, too, that makes them a good temtem partner. Perfect Jab, for example, deals damage while lowering a foe’s defence – setting them up nicely for a follow-up. As Baboong is quite speedy, you can usually bank on him going first, too.


Tentals are fine. They are weak to electric, digital, and crystal – so keep your wits about you. If you need to put down a melee or normal type temtem, however, they do just, well, fine.

Low tier


What makes a Sherald unique are their crystal-type. Sadly, however, your other starter temtem, Tuwai, picks up that type when they evolve. Just playing the game will also net you Anahir, who is crystal and fire to boot.


Much like Barnshee, this temtem requires one electric to be put down. Aside from that, Widlump is fine in certain situations.


The Zubat of Temtem. Tateru is everywhere on the opening island, but just doesn’t do a whole bunch. They don’t have any weaknesses, which is alright. It is, however, only strong against mental. Temem fights are heavily swung by exploiting weaknesses, making Tateru heavily situational.

And there you have it, the best temtem to build your team around. If you want more information on temtem starters and a handy temtem type chart, then we have you covered. If you’re into the grind-heavy elements of Pokemon, then we have guides on temtem breeding and luma temtem, too. If you aren’t sure if you want to pay up for Crema Games’ Poke-like, then check out how long temtem will take you. That’s not all, we’ve also put together guides to show you where the Temtem surfboard and skates are.