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Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Lin arriving on 2.1 release date

The next Tower of Fantasy simulacrum has been announced, as new character Lin joins the ToF 2.1 release date for the open-world anime game in mid November

Tower of Fantasy new character Lin, holding her signature black and gold fan

We have a date for the next Tower of Fantasy simulacrum, as the Lin release date has now been unveiled for the Aberration-wielding damage character. Lin is set to join the anime game along with the Tower of Fantasy 2.1 release date, Confounding Labyrinth, which Hotta Studio says will introduce a brand new map to the open-world game along with the new Tower of Fantasy character. There will also be a 48-player battle royale mode called Break From Destiny included in the update, which will be shown off in a trailer on release day.

The Tower of Fantasy update 2.1 ‘Confounding Labyrinth’ release date is November 22. The update adds a new map called Confounding Abyss, located beneath Mirroria which is filled with “menacing bosses, exciting challenges, and the new simulacrum, the powerful Lin.” If you haven’t dug deeply into the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update yet, Mirroria is the main city of new region Vera. The Confounding Abyss in 2.1 promises dangerous opponents in the ruins of the Third City found underneath Mirroria, where powerful enemies have been mutated by the abyss.

Likewise, the Tower of Fantasy simulacrum Lin release date is November 22, as part of the 2.1 update. Lin wields her signature fan, the Shadow Weaver, which can leave an Aberration mark on enemies when fully charged that explodes after several seconds, getting stronger as you deal more damage while it’s attached. Her weapon mastery causes Nightblooms to appear around a target and explode for area-wide damage.

Lin also has the ability to use her Moonlight Realm skill to greatly buff herself for a short while and repeatedly spawn Nightblooms next to nearby enemies. Her Discharge ability, Gravity Weave, lets her switch to a fully charged weapon, removing all debuffs and creating a gravity well with a strong pull that deals damage over time as it drags enemies in before exploding. Lin is expected to headline the next Tower of Fantasy banner after the current banner featuring Saki Fuwa ends.

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While you’re waiting for the update to arrive, a Tower of Fantasy event is now underway called Childlike Innocence, running from November 16-22 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET (November 17-23 at 3am GMT / 4am CET). This will allow you to collect Bubbles by taking part in many activities, which can then be exchanged for rewards including festive frames, starry glasses, and a special voice pack for Mi-a.

We’ll let you know how Lin slots into our Tower of Fantasy tier list. If you’re starting out, check our guide to how to level up in Tower of Fantasy, along with all the Tower of Fantasy codes you can use to redeem bonus goodies, a guide to unlocking all the Tower of Fantasy vehicles, and a Tower of Fantasy password list for all the electronic lock codes to get bonus in-game supplies and currency.