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The week in PC gaming: 1st/7th October


Welcome to another edition of the PCGamesN, our weekly roundup of what’s happened this week, what’s happening this weekend and more. This week is all about going hands-on with exciting upcoming games and exciting news from the world for pro gaming.

Out this week:

Skryrim: Hearthfire lets you play in your virtual dollhouse.

Endless Space got a new update that came with a new race: the Automatons.

Steam have started selling software.

The week that was:

League of Legends Season 2 championship is one of the biggest events in competitive gaming, and it’s led to some incredible action and equally incredible problems. Things started wonderfully, with the new honor system introduced, and LoL IP boost passes being given to PCGamesN readers to celebrate the start of the playoffs. We also heard from Riot’s Dustin Beck about their plans for Season 3.

But while things started well at the event, they have soured considerably in the last 24 hours. The semifinals were postponed after technical problems ruined a quarterfinal, and now there’s accusations of cheating as well. It’s going to make for an interesting week leading up to the World Championship finals next Saturday.

Gaming’s changing of the guard continued as Cliff Bleszinski took his leave of Epic.

Big reads and hands-on

Our time with Company of Heroes 2

What we didn’t do for our Far Cry 3 vacation

We had a long chat with Steven Masters, lead designer on Assassin’s Creed 3.

In which we go Tomb Raiding

Journey to new lands in DayZ

eSports and MOBAs

The Dota 6.75 patch made some huge changes. We also spent time with its newest hero, Magnus.

The GSL Code S round of eight was lopsided and even a little depressing.

And more…

Everything we know about Doom 3: BFG Edition

Dishonored designer Harvey Smith on boss fights

Everything we know about Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Spotlight on Greenlight

Seven great things about Hitman: Absolution

Colleen Lachowicz says she wants to be the next Maine state senator, but what do we really know about her? Can you entrust society to a Level 68 Orc Rogue Assassin?

Relic originally wanted to do Company of Heroes 2 as an expansion, but they couldn’t handle the snow. It’s okay, Relic. Neither could the Wehrmacht. At least you waited until you were ready.

Get ready to battle King George Washington in the Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC. True story: Thomas Paine wanted to crown the law king of America, then shatter the crown and distribute it among the people so that we could never crown another monarch. I’m telling you, there’s an awesome alt-history RPG questline in that story.

Dedicated servers? Black Ops 2 will have ‘em. Just not any that belong to you.

Gaming legends Brenda Braithwaite, Tom Hall, and John Romero want to kickstart a seriously old-school RPG.

Villains always say this to superheroes, but I think NCSoft might actually kill City of Heroes no matter what clever ruse fans employ.

Creative Assembly on the problems with Empire’s early-game

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts about to unveil his new project.

Check out this massive Morrowind all-in-one mod.

Don’t even think about abandoning that CS: Global Offensive match. Valve are cracking down.

Mass Effect Trilogy bundle to be slightly less crap on PC

Get ready to mod Shogun 2

The XCOM FPS is FP no more!