Your PC gaming weekend: Enter our 10,000 code giveaway, pre-load Destiny 2, get The Witcher 3 cheap, and more!

Your PC Gaming Weekend

If you’re into your online multiplayer then there is plenty of PC gaming for you to choose from this weekend. Not only do you have a reason to go back and play Team Fortress 2, Warframe is begging to be played with new content, and a new mod is bringing in more people to competitive StarCraft. Gonna join them? If not, there are new games to play, including RPGs and shooters. Have a look below.

Pick up cartoony FTL-inspired WW2 survival sim Bomber Crew

Picture this: a WW2 survival sim set on a Avro Lancaster bomber. What you’re imagining probably looks nothing like Bomber Crew, which is the game that matches that description. It has a cartoon-style presentation but it ultra serious. It’s also a fantastic game and available to buy right now – read our impressions above.

Grab a multiplayer beta code for Aquanox Deep Descent – we have 10,000 codes to go!

Aquanox Deep Descent isn’t out yet but we’re giving you a chance to play it anyway. It’s a first-person vehicular shooter set in an underwater world – the land has become inhabitable, and so people had to make do with life under the oceans. You join a faction and enter a resource war against other online players and can join with friends to blitz through the story in co-op.

Check out the six new maps and other updates in Team Fortress 2

This was one of the big surprises this week – Team Fortress get a big new Jungle Inferno update. It includes updates to the old competitive system, balance changes, and six (yes, SIX) new maps. Two of those maps were created by Valve while the other four were made by the community. More details in the link above.

Pre-load Destiny 2 onto your PC ready for Tuesday

It’s nearly here! Next Tuesday, Destiny 2 will be available to download and play on PC. Finally! Still, we’ve got a few more days to wait yet. But, to help you out, you can pre-load the game on your machine right now. Get the bit when you watch a loading bar fill up out of the way now. Then you can enjoy the full game as soon as it drops.

Pick up The Witcher 3 and its DLC at the cheapest price it’s ever been

It’s a crime if you’re an RPG fan and haven’t already played The Witcher 3. But we’ll let you off so long as you purchase the game over this weekend. Why? It’s currently the cheapest it’s ever been. And that low price includes the game’s brilliant DLCs – Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Get on it.

Play Warhammer-based RTS Dawn of War III for free this whole weekend

Warhammer fans and RTS nuts alike – come here and bring your free time. This weekend sees Dawn of War III available to play for free over on Steam. Not only that, it got a fre update this week that adds new maps, skins, and Elite units. Whether you’re a veteran or never played the game before, this weekend should be Dawn of War III weekend.

Ease yourself into competitive StarCraft with the new Axiom mod

Are you one of the many people who have wanted to get into competitive StarCraft scene but never really had the gall to do it? Well then, roll up, roll up – the new Axiom mod is for you. It streamlines the whole game with features such as a simplified UI and a universal production tab. Give it a shot!

Refamiliarise yourself with a classic by playing Rogue Trooper Redux

Remember Rogue Trooper? It’s that third-person shooter in which you play a blue army man who, er, shoots things. Well, as it’s now over ten years old, developers Rebellion have remastered it. It’s out now. Fancy a smaller, cheaper game to blast through this weekend? This is the one.

Craft nasty new weapons as part of Dying Light’s second free DLC

Dying Light is to get ten free pieces of DLC over the next year or so. The first arrived a little while back but now the second one has dropped. This one introduces a big pile of new weapons to the game for you to craft. A dagger, an axe, a revolver, and more are waiting for you. So jump back in and slice up those undead.

Explore the new lands in Warframe: Plains of Eidolon – but only if you’re a veteran

If you cannot bear the wait for Destiny 2 any longer and need something to fill that particular gap this weekend then Warframe: Plains of Eidolon is it. It’s suited to veterans rather than new players for the most part, but it does turn the free-to-play shooter into more of an open-world MMO rather than the dungeon crawler the main game is. That’ll do, right?

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