Warzone Secret Trails Intel locations guide

Where to find the first set of season 6 Intel

Warzone secret trails intel locations guide

Looking for the Warzone Secret Trails Intel locations? Season 6 has just started and already there’s a new list of Warzone Intel locations for players to visit if they want a little boost to their battle pass progress. And we can definitely see why you’d want those extra XP buffs, as our Warzone AS VAL loadout and Warzone SP-R 208 loadout guides already feel like strong contenders for the best Warzone guns.

Secret Trails will take you all across the Warzone map, which isn’t as bad as it sounds thanks to the new metro system. Unfortunately, though, you can only complete one Intel piece per game. If this is one of your first Intel hunts then be sure to head over to the challenges tab, then missions, and finally Intel – you’ll need to press X to view the Intel for the Secret Trails mission, which will give you your first clue and trigger the mission.

For some of these Secret Trail missions it will be easier to jump into a game of Plunder thanks to the respawn system, but you can tick them off however you want.


Here is how to collect every piece of Warzone Intel for Secret Trails:

  • Hospital tunnel
  • Fairground metro station
  • Stadium metro station
  • Hospital
  • Farmlands keypad barn
  • Downtown bank

warzone secret trails intel hospital tunnel

Hospital tunnel

Directly north of the Hospital area you can spot a train tunnel heading into the west hillside. At the Hospital-facing mouth of this tunnel, above a cellar entrance, there’s a coin to collect on the floor.

warzone secret trails intel fairground metro

Fairground metro station

Head into the metro station located just southwest of the fairground in Promenade East. Keep going once you reach the platform and you’ll find a room with some computers in it, the intel is there to collect on a desk.

Warzone Secret Trails Intel Stadium

Stadium metro station

This clue will point you in the direction of the Verdansk Center metro station, which if you didn’t know is the in-game name of Stadium. The metro station is located east of Stadium. Head down, go to the left, down the stairs, and into a room at the end of the platform – the Intel is on a desk at the back of the room.


We’re going back to Hospital for this one, and in particular to room 301 of Hospital. That’s on the third floor. You’re looking for a ward with blue walls. Once you’ve found it, you need to search for a red contaminated waste bin and that’s where you will be able to collect the Intel.

Farmlands keypad barn

Just like last week, you’ll need a key code to access this piece of Intel, but fortunately the code is in the task description. It’s 49285163. The Farmland barn is very central and in the square H6 on the map – it’s got some bright orange graffiti on it. On the ground floor you need to look for a grey door with a keypad next to it, pop the code in, and once inside head left to a desk with a TV on it – here you can collect the Intel.

Warzone secret trails bank vault

Downtown bank

Last piece of Intel. Head to the large banking building in Downtown it’s just south of where the map says ‘Downtown’. You’re looking for the vault with all the safety deposit boxes, which you can find down a short staircase on the ground floor. Check the safety deposit boxes at the back of the vault and you’ll find this no problem.

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We’ve not managed to go back and grab assets for all of these spots due to the ongoing Warzone crashing error, so we’ll refer you to the excellent Geeky Pastimes on YouTube, who has assembled a thorough guide to all the Intel locations.

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Last thing to do is go back to the Secret Trails tab and view the final piece of Intel, which will offer yet another hint about the Warzone nuke being prepped and ready to go.