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Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare location and boss fight

The Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare is an elusive world boss that only emerges to haunt Mount Zavain a few days a week, and slaying it is a Herculean task

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare location and boss fight: Diablo, The Lord of Terror staring menacingly forward with a halo of hellfire behind him.

Looking to find the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare spawn location and defeat the world boss? If you’re having trouble, we don’t blame you! Like all world bosses in Blizzard’s mobile RPG game, the Ancient Nightmare is classed as a zone event, meaning a number of conditions must be met before you can even be eligible to engage it in battle. Once you are able to encounter it, you might end up wishing you hadn’t.

The Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare is a demonic creature of epic proportion that truly lives up to its name. We would always recommend tackling world bosses as part of a group due to their enormous health pools and punishing difficulty. Taking on the Ancient Nightmare alone would be an impossible feat. It would also be wise to kit yourself out with all the best Diablo Immortal legendary gems, charms, and set items you can get your hands on.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare location and boss fight: A map of the Mount Zavain zone in Diablo Immortal with a pin placed in the centre of the Misty Valley area which the Ancient Nightmare patrols in a circular fashion

Ancient Nightmare location

The Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare spawn location can be found in the Misty Valley area of Mount Zavain every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, 8:30pm, and 10pm server time. We recommend waiting at the Misty Valley waypoint ahead of the event to allow your group to prepare while only being a stone’s throw away from the boss.

Once you’re within the boundaries of the Misty Valley, you’ll receive a countdown notification indicating precisely when the event will begin, and a handy tooltip will prompt you to travel to its location as soon as it’s spawned. Unlike other bosses, the Ancient Nightmare doesn’t wait at its spawn point. Instead, it actively patrols through Misty Valley. Did we mention that he’s absolutely massive? Take it from us – you’ll know him when you see him.


How to defeat the Ancient Nightmare boss

As with the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose world boss, you can only encounter the Ancient Nightmare if you’re playing on at least Hell I difficulty. In order to do that, you must have completed the main campaign and reached level 60. If you’re not quite there yet, take a peek at our Diablo Immortal leveling guide for some handy tips to speed up the process, but bear in mind that your success in engaging the Ancient Nightmare and coming out unscathed somewhat depends upon the Diablo Immortal class you have chosen too.

The Ancient Nightmare’s difficulty largely stems from its shield, which must be disabled before you can even begin to deplete its gargantuan health bar. Its shield deals a punishing amount of damage to anyone who comes too close, meaning that ranged characters will have a much easier time surviving the onslaught.

To disable the Ancient Nightmare’s shield, someone from the group must activate the altars positioned along its patrol path. Once activated, the altar will emit an aura of light that stuns the Ancient Nightmare and weakens its shield. This is the ideal opportunity for your group to go on the offensive and deal some real damage unhindered by the Ancient Nightmare’s attacks. It’s essential that the altars are activated once the boss is in range; if he’s too far away, he won’t be affected.

An altar may only be activated once over the course of the fight unless someone in your group is in possession of a Zakarum Sigil. Once inserted into an exhausted altar, a Zakarum Sigil will recharge and empower it, stunning the Ancient Nightmare a further time.

Zakarum Sigils can only be acquired by defeating the Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos world boss. They aren’t essential to defeating the Ancient Nightmare, but they do make the overall fight significantly easier, and we would recommend acquiring two or three in preparation for the fight. Again, it’s absolutely vital that you ensure the Ancient Nightmare is still in range of the altar when you activate it, otherwise, those hard-won Zakarum Sigils will be wasted.

Ancient Nightmare rewards

Upon defeating the Ancient Nightmare for the first time, it will drop Nilfur’s Precision, one of several Diablo Immortal Horadrim Vessels that can be obtained by beating world bosses. Return to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum and slot it into the Legacy Shrine to gain a permanent bonus to Armor Penetration.

Like the Diablo Immortal Hydra and Golem world bosses, the Ancient Nightmare will drop a range of loot, with a chance to receive legendary items. You’re also guaranteed to receive a stack of enchanted dust for your trouble, an exceedingly rare and useful upgrade material. It’s worth mentioning that the rewards for slaying the Ancient Nightmare will be divided between players in co-op mode.

That just about wraps up our guide to putting the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare to bed. If you’re still having trouble, take a look at the best Diablo Immortal builds we’ve compiled for every class in the game. Alternatively, if you fancy a break from being knocked around by world bosses, why not switch up your endgame experience by joining one of the two major PvP factions, the Diablo Immortal Shadows or Immortals, and take your place in the Cycle of Strife.