Best Elden Ring talismans locations

We’ve picked out the best Elden Ring talismans to show you where you can find them, what they do, and where to get pouches so you can equip more of them.

Walking through a dark, flooded ruin with torch held aloft in Elden Ring

Want to know what the best Elden Ring talismans are? Talismans are Elden Ring’s version of rings from previous Souls games. Each talisman bestows a passive buff, with effects ranging from general boons like faster stamina regen to increased damage for the final attack in a twinblade combo.

You can find an array of the best Elden Ring talismans in the RPG game’s vast open world; some in treasure chests in Elden Ring dungeons, some drop as loot from enemies and bosses, and others can be bought from merchants. Though their utility will vary based on your Elden Ring build and which of the best Elden Ring weapons you’re using, talismans provide a much-needed helping hand when taking on Elden Ring bosses. As you progress to more challenging areas, you will encounter upgraded versions of talismans with increased effects and be able to expand the number of equipped talismans with pouches.

All Elden Ring talisman locations

Here are our picks for the best Elden Ring talismans:

  • Arsenal Charm
  • Assassin’s Crimson Dagger
  • Concealing Veil
  • Curved Sword Talisman
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Erdtree’s Favor
  • Godskin Swaddling Cloth
  • Gold Scarab
  • Green Turtle Talisman
  • Twinblade Talisman

Best Elden Ring talismans - the player is being given an Arsenal Charm.

Arsenal Charm

This talisman boosts your maximum equipment load by 15%. You get this from speaking to Nephali in Roundtable Hold after summoning her and beating Godrick the Grafted.

You can find an upgraded version, which gives you an additional 17% equip load, in Altus Tunnel. In the second cave, head through the tunnel to the south until you find a wooden balcony next to a pit. Drop to the left side and land on the roots below. Climb up the roots to reach a ledge above you, where a corpse clutches onto the Arsenal +1 talisman.

You can also find the Great-Jar’s Arsenal by completing The Great-Jar’s challenge to defeat three duelists in Dragonbarrow. You can access this area by returning to the surface from the Siofra Deep River well. Equipping this talisman boosts your maximum equip load by a whopping 19%.

Best Elden Ring talismans - the location of the Assassin's Crimson Dagger.

Assassin’s Crimson Dagger

Critical Hits restore roughly 20% of your total HP. It’s a reward for beating Black Knife Assassin in Deathtouched Catacombs dungeon in Limgrave.

Best Elden Ring talismans - the location of the Concealing Veil.

Concealing Veil

Conceals wearer while crouching away from foes. Drops from the Black Knife Assassin found in Sage’s Cave in Altus Plateau.

Best Elden Ring talismans - the location of the Curved Sword.

Curved Sword Talisman

Enhances guard counters. Found in a treasure chest in a dark room in the wine cellar of Stormveil Castle. You have to clear this area to continue into Stormveil Castle anyway, but it’s possible to miss the chest in the room as it’s so dark.

Best Elden Ring talismans - location of the Dragoncrest Greatshield.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

This is a great one for melee-focused players. It provides a massive boost to physical damage negation, adding +20 to all of the relevant stats.

You can find it on an elevated platform in a building in the northeast portion of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. You can reach the access point by going to the Drainage Channel Site of Grace, but it’s guarded by Pests.

Best Elden Ring talismans - the Erdtree's Favor talisman location.

Erdtree’s Favor

Increases maximum HP, stamina, and equip load. You can select it as a Keepsake in the character creator or find it in the Fringefolk Hero’s Cave in Limgrave.

You can also find higher-tier versions of this talisman. To get the Erdtree’s Favor +1 variant, head to the boss room in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, where you fight Mohg, the Omen. You can risk it by opening the chest mid-fight, but it’s safer to get it once Mohg’s dead.

The Erdtree’s Favor +2 variant is on a tree in the far east of Leyndell, Ashen Captial, close to the elevator near the Forbidden Lands and East Altus Diving Tower. You’ll need to backtrack from the Forbidden Lands Site of Grace to reach this talisman.

Best Elden Ring talismans - location of the Godskin Swaddling Cloth.

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Successive attacks restore HP. Drops from the Godskin Apostle & Godskin Noble boss fight in Spiritcaller’s Cave, in the Mountaintops of the Giants region.

Best Elden Ring talismans - location of the Gold Scarab.

Gold Scarab

This Talisman increases the number of runes you get from enemies. This is around a 20% increase, but the effect can be stacked with other rune-boosting items. You get this as a reward for beating the two Cleanrot Knights in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid.

Best Elden Ring talismans - location of the Green Turtle.

Green Turtle Talisman

Raises stamina recovery speed. Found in a turtle-filled area in Summonwater Village, unlocked by an Imp Statue.

Best Elden Ring talismans - location of the Twinblade.

Twinblade Talisman

Enhances the final hit ending a chain of attacks. It can be found in a chest on the battlements of Castle Morne.

Best Elden Ring talismans - the player is being given a talisman pouch by an old woman.

How to get Elden Ring Talisman Pouches

Talisman pouches allow you to equip more talismans at once. There are only a handful of these in the game, so here is where you get additional Elden Ring talisman slots:

  • Talisman Pouch #1 – this drops after you beat Margit the Fell Omen.
  • Talisman Pouch #2 – this can be acquired from Finger Reader Enia, the old person you find by Two Fingers in Roundtable Hold. You can only get this after you’ve acquired any two Elden Ring Great Runes.
  • Talisman Pouch #3 – you get this for defeating Godfrey, in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

These are some great Elden Ring talismans we’ve found. To become even more powerful in battle, take a look at our Elden Ring weapon arts guide, the Elden Ring ashes of war locations, and Elden Ring crystal tear locations. We also have a guide about how to get all the best Elden Ring endings, that is, if you’re curious about the unlock conditions.

Additional contributions by Jen Rothery and Joe Robinson.