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Your PC gaming weekend: make your own action-RPG, E3 expectations, inside Epic Games HQ, and more!

PC Gaming Weekend June 9

The weekend you’ve been waiting for is here. If you’re into big game announcements, trailers, and awkward stage antics then, oh boy, you’re about to get spoiled. Yes, it’s that time of the year once again – E3 is here, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

The event kicks off this weekend with a couple of conferences before really getting into gear with its first public expo next week. With that in mind, your weekend is probably already quite busy, but just in case you need more to do, we’re here to deliver.

Have a spare minute? Catch up with the latest PC games news

The PC gaming weekend is all about giving you something to do, or lots of things to do, over the weekend. This time around there aren’t so many new games to play as developers have been wise to avoid releasing games right before E3, but there are a couple of older games with new excuses for you to revisit them. Let’s get going, shall we?

Win action-RPG creator MyWorld on Steam – we have 100 copies to go!

As always, we’re your reliable source for free games to win. This weekend you can enter to get a copy of MyWorldon Steam. It’s not just an action-RPG, it’s an action-RPG creator, meaning that it lets you create your own quests and maps using a drag-and-drop editor. It’s just got a big update so now is a good time to jump in and start creating adventures that you can share with friends – challenging them to beat them.

Get ready for all of E3’s big announcements

As has already been said, E3 is here, which means the next five days or so are going to see a slew of game announcements and meme-baiting performances. We’ve done you a solid and decided to not only put together a schedule of the conferences you’ll want to watch, but also give you an idea of what to expect from each one – that said, we’re hoping for some surprises, too.

Find outwhat’s taken Fortnite so long to come out

Epic Games announced its multiplayer survival game Fortnite way back in 2011. What have they been doing with it since then? It’s a good question as there’s been no word on it for months, perhaps even years. But this week we were able to bring you the news that it’s nearing release. In fact, we travelled up to Epic Games HQ to bring you the scoop.

Foster your interest in Worlds Adriftwith our hands-on preview

You’re probably familiar with Bossa Studios for its sillier games: Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. But, with its upcoming MMO Worlds Adrift, the studio is putting on a more serious head. We were able to jump into the closed beta to give you impressions of our time as a sky pirate. A sky pirate that unwittingly falls to their death, mind.

Laugh at Computex’s most ridiculous rigs

Computex 2017 isn’t over until we say it is. This week we shared the much more fund side of the show with a round-up of the most ridiculus rigs we saw. There are 11 in total, including computer that looks like an aircraft carrier, and another that is probably the most bad-ass truck you’ll ever see.

Prep yourself to return to Runescape with its next expansion

Runescape is getting a lot of time in the limelight at the moment. It’s no bad thing. This time the ancient MMORPG (2001 is ancient, right?) is in the headlines as it has a new expansion on the way. This one is so good that we’ve deemed it the best thing that’s happened to the game in the past four years. You’ll wanna jump back into it, then.

Learn aboutnew co-op shooter Strange Brigade

The people who made Sniper Elite 4 announced a new game this week. While there are significantly less sniper rifiles in Strange Brigade, it does have plenty of guns, just ones that you’d find in the 1930s, which is when it’s set. It’s a third-person co-op shooter with a bit of an Indiana Jones feel, then. Find out all about it in our news article.

Strange Brigade

Enjoy our PC gaming guide to UK politics

Election week might be over but politics isn’t so easy to divorce from your life. That’s why it’s worth taking a look through our guide to UK politics through something we know you appreciate – yep, PC games. We pick four games for you to play in order to get a little bit more familiar with the issues affecting British people today.

Play Overwatch to get double XP and lots of loot boxes

You probably don’t need any more reasons to play Overwatch, but here’s another one: a double XP weekend. This is part of the ongoing celebrations of Overwatch’s first anniversary. Jump in this weekend and you should be spoiled with not only experience but loot boxes too. Fingers crossed you get that D.Va skin you’ve always wanted.

Check out Battleborn now it has a free trial

It almost feels cruel to put Battleborn right under Overwatch given that both games were going for the same audience, with one the winner, the other the loser. In an effor to bring more players to Battleborn, Gearbox have made a free trial which lets you play the game’s multiplayer and get unlocks without spending any real money. Worth a go, perhaps?

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That’s all for this weekend but there is plenty to find across the PCGamesN website. Stick with us as as we bring your more features, videos, and news over the weekend.