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Genshin Impact fan somehow copies in-game animations on a calculator

This Genshin Impact player has managed to recreate a number of the anime game's animations using only a graphic calculator, which is incredibly impressive.

Genshin Impact fan somehow copies in-game animations on a calculator: anime boy with green hair

One Genshin Impact fan has managed to use math and pure dedication to recreate several animations from the anime game in a graphing calculator. No matter how long you think this took, it likely took even longer. A Genshin Impact content creator named ‘Firestorm’ used a calculator to copy animations for Amber, Eula, Paimon, Hu Tao, Barbara, and even Baron Bunny with jaw-dropping accuracy.

Firestorm used several equations for each frame of animation in the Desmos graphing calculator, then played them in sequence to get the desired effect. But this is such a slow and methodical process that each animated clip is about six to seven hours long in real time – they’ve just sped everything up to create animations that look like what you’d see in-game.

All of these clips were recorded, then rendered to be put on YouTube, and Firestorm explained that this rendering process alone took around 36 hours. This is truly another perfect example of peak resinless behaviour.

The sped-up clips have been cut together to create a video that’s less than a minute long, and you can check it out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Barbara animation is especially impressive because it’s a long cutscene animation with body movements that seem more complex, unlike Baron Bunny’s little dance or Paimon’s floating idle stance.

If you’re curious and want to learn how to do this yourself, Firestorm also linked a tutorial by a YouTuber named ‘Junferno‘ that helped with their process. Firestorm also explains a few of the steps they took through several comments in this Reddit thread.

None of those animated characters are currently available as part of the Genshin Impact version 3.6 banners, but you’re still able to pull for Nahida and Nilou at the moment, followed by Baizhu and Kaveh in the second half of the update.

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