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Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe sales defy expectations after week two

Genshin Impact's Ayaka and Shenhe banners in version 3.5 are doing a bit better than expected going into their third week, according to sales estimates.

Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe sales defy expectations after week two: anime girl with white hair smiling

The Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe banner sales are hitting unexpected highs in the second half of version 3.5, looking at recent sales estimates. Both Cryo users are popular, but Ayaka once took full control of the anime game‘s character banners and was available for well over a month when COVID-19 affected development. As a result, players had many opportunities to get her. And Shenhe, on the other hand, is very niche in her role as a Cryo support.

Players who missed out on Ayaka during version 2.7’s extended run had plenty of time to save up for both Ayaka and Shenhe this time after HoYoverse released the underwhelming Dehya and Cyno banners – the #FixDehya movement is still going strong even with new banners in the rotation.

Though the high sales are a bit unexpected, they aren’t completely unbelievable. Ayaka is still on of the best Cryo main DPS options on the roster, and you’ll see her rank high on most Genshin Impact tier lists, even today.

Shenhe, while being much more limited in her use, is the perfect compliment for Ayaka. This means that players who already have the main DPS are likely pulling for the support this time, and both of their weapons are strong – especially Ayaka’s Mistsplitter Reforged sword.

Genshin Impact Ayaka and Shenhe sales defy expectations after week two: colour-coded sales cahrt with bars and character icons

The image above comes from GenshinLab, which is a site that compiles data from the Chinese App Store to make sales estimates for that large part of the Genshin community.

As you can see above, Ayaka and Senhe have managed to make about USD $25,015,306 (GBP £20,194,606) after two weeks in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.5. This places them at the bottom of the top five in sales for other banners in that same timeframe.

You still have just under two weeks left to pull for the Cryo duo before newcomers Baizhu and Kaveh become available in the Genshin Impact version 3.6 second-half banners.