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Genshin Impact Faruzan materials - all ascension materials

Here is every location of the Genshin Impact Faruzan ascension materials you need to upgrade the Anemo bow wielder’s talents to their max level

Genshin Impact Faruzan ascension materials: Faruzan surrounded by all of the ascension materials, including a gem, a triangle, a red sash, plants, tomes, puppet string, and a crown.

Want to know where you can find Genshin Impact Faruzan ascension materials? Faruzan is the third Anemo bow wielder, with Collei and Tighnari arriving before her, and is described by the official artwork as an ‘enigmatic machinist’, with her being a household name in Haravatat: one of the Six Darshans, or six main schools, of Sumeru Akademiya.

Faruzan is a four-star Anemo bow-user, and she is one of the new Genshin Impact characters that feature on the current banners, coming to the free game sometime during the Genshin Impact 3.3 update. Four-star characters can potentially become some of the best characters in the RPG game, frequently appearing at the top of the Genshin Impact tier list. The jury’s still out on how high she’ll rank, but for those who want to get ahead, we have the information you see about Genshin Impact Faruzan ascension materials you need to gather.

Faruzan ascension materials

Here are all of Faruzan’s ascension and talent level-up materials:

Character ascension materials

Ascension Phase Character Level Materials Mora
1 20 1x Vaydua Turquoise Sliver
3x Redcrest
3x Faded Red Satin
2 40 3x Vaydua Turquoise Fragment
2x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
10x Redcrest
15x Faded Red Satin
3 50 6x Vaydua Turquoise Fragment
4x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
20x Redcrest
12x Trimmed Red Silk
4 60 3x Vaydua Turquoise Chunk
8x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
30x Redcrest
18x Trimmed Red Silk
5 70 6x Vaydua Turquoise Chunk
12x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
45x Redcrest
12x Rich Red Brocade
6 80 6x Vaydua Turquoise Gemstone
20x Light Guiding Tetrahedron
60x Redcrest
24x Rich Red Brocade

Talent ascension materials

When you increase Faruzan’s character ascension level, you get the chance also individually to level up her talents. Since each one requires the exact same materials per level, we will show every item you need to increase a single talent to its maximum threshold.

Level Materials Mora
2 3x Teachings of Admonition
6x Faded Red Satin
3 2x Guide to Admonition
3x Trimmed Red Silk
4 4x Guide to Admonition
4x Trimmed Red Silk
5 6x Guide to Admonition
6x Trimmed Red Silk
6 9x Guide to Admonition
9x Trimmed Red Silk
7 4x Philosophies of Admonition
4x Rich Red Brocade
1x Puppet String
8 6x Philosophies of Admonition
6x Rich Red Brocade
1x Puppet String
9 12x Philosophies of Admonition
9x Rich Red Brocade
2x Puppet String
10 16x Philosophies of Admonition
12x Rich Red Brocade
2x Puppet String
1x Crown of Insight

How to farm Faruzan’s materials

Like many new additions in recent updates, you can find most of Faruzan’s materials in the Sumeru region. Some of them you can use with multiple characters. She has one unique item for talent-level ascension that won’t appear until version 3.3 comes out.

Faded Red Satin, Trimmed Red Silk, and Rich Red Brocade

These items drop from Eremite enemies, and the tougher the foe, the rarer versions of these items you’ll see.

  • Eremite Axe Vanguard
  • Eremite Crossbow
  • Eremite Ravenbeak Halberdier
  • Eremite Linebreaker
  • Eremite Sword-Dancer
  • Eremite Desert Clearwater
  • Eremite Sunfrost
  • Eremite Daythunder

If you find yourself with an overflow of the lower-tier items, you can make Trimmed Red Silk with three Faded Red Satins and 25 Mora, or Rich Red Brocade with three Trimmed Red Silks with 25 Mora. You could also exchange Masterless Starglitter for these items, but because you can easily find them by fighting enemies or crafting them, we don’t recommend you do so.


You can find Redcrest out in the desert, but there’s a large number of them close together in the areas east and south of Aaru Village. You are looking for Henna Berries that grow on cacti.

Light Guiding Tetrahedron

The Light Guiding Tetrahedron is a dropped item from a level 30+ Algorithm of Semi-Intrasient Maxtrix of Overseer Network boss. You can find this boss’s arena in the Spiral Abyss domain.

Anemo ascension materials

Increasing Faruzan’s maximum level limit requires you to gather Anemi ascension materials, namely Vaydua Turquoise fragments, slivers, chunks, and gemstones. You can get them by farming the following weekly and normal bosses.

  • Anemo Hypostasis
  • Algorithm of Semi-Intrasient Matrix of Overseer Network
  • Maguu Kenki
  • Stormterror
  • Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal

Additionally, you can also craft the higher rarities of Vaydua Turquoise by converting lower-tiered versions, such as using three slivers to make a fragment. You can also convert other jewel types with the Dust of Azoth to get the desired Anemo-type materials.

Talent ascension materials

Faruzan requires the Admonition materials, which you can only find in the Steeple of Ignorance domain, located near Chatrakam Cave in Sumeru and accessible only on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Puppet Strings are the unique item Faruzan requires to increase his talent ascension levels, and unfortunately, they are exclusive to the 3.3 update. It drops from the Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal boss in the Joururi Workshop domain.

The last item you need is a Crown of Insight. These are required to reach Faruzan’s maximum talent levels, and unfortunately, they are hard to get. If you already have the seven available from offerings, your best chance is to wait until limited-time Genshin Impact events have them as rewards.

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Those are all of the Faruzan ascension materials, and while you won’t be able to find all of them immediately, you now know where to find most of them in advance. You can find out how long you need to wait by checking out the Genshin Impact Faruzan banner guide or start redeeming Genshin Impact codes to get free primogems ready for the banner launch.