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Genshin Impact leak explains TCG gameplay in massive info dump

This recent Genshin Impact leak provides plenty of details about the unreleased card game mode that HoYoverse is adding to the RPG in a future update

Genshin Impact leak explains TCG gameplay in massive info dump: A character from Genshin Impact reads a book

This new Genshin Impact leak gives us a ton of new information about the unexpected trading card game (TCG) mode, including gameplay details, some rules, and even a few card options for deck building. Players will be able to build decks using card versions of characters, monsters, and more. The TCG tasks players with defeating all of their opponent’s character cards to win the match. It’s a simple goal, but the mode may become Genshin Impact’s Gwent if implemented correctly.

To start the game, both players will draw five cards and choose one Active Character from three available character cards to be at the forefront. Active Characters include actual playable characters like Fischl or Ayaka, alongside certain elemental enemies such as the Electro Hypostasis. The current list of Active Character choices is subject to change since the card game is rumoured to be coming in version 3.3. However, it appears as though there will be a total of about 220 cards, with around 25 of those coming from the roster of playable characters.


After the draw phase, players will take turns rolling eight elemental dice — one die for each of the seven in-game elements, plus an extra die that can be used as any element. During a turn, players can perform a variety of actions like switching Active Characters, using the Active Character’s skills, or discarding cards to change the element of a single die. So, to simplify this, cards get drawn, dice get rolled, actions get taken, then a turn ends.

The are apparently plenty of opponents to play against, including notable characters like the aforementioned Fischl, who would use herself as the Active Character. Some opponents, like Cyno, will even have both ‘friendly’ and ‘serious’ modes that dictate difficulty.

This card game mode will likely stick around for some time, as there are even card-related challenges to do in the open world, Golden Character Cards to obtain, ascension challenges to rank up, and a proficiency rating system for individual character cards.

The massive leak in question comes from none other than prominent Genshin leaker UBatcha. They posted a series of tweets that provided both unknown specifics and several clarifications, all of which have been compiled into a single Reddit thread.

After reading all of these details, the trading card game seems like it could be real a step toward new, permanent endgame content that fans have been asking for. If you want to take your Genshin game further, make sure to check out our guide to the best Genshin Impact character builds, and all the ascension materials you need for Dori.