Genshin Impact leak reveals new elemental enemy types coming in 3.1

A new Genshin Impact leak provides a good look at brand-new elemental enemy types that should be arriving in the RPG's version 3.1 update later this month


This new Genshin Impact leak provides short previews of new enemy types that players can expect to find when version 3.1 goes live. The creatures in the videos use elemental powers to attack and they’re unlike anything we’ve seen so far in Sumeru. The version 3.1 update will unlock the desert region located to the west of Sumeru’s jungles, so that’s likely where these new foes will be encountered.

The leak comes from YouTuber Ruri, who has uploaded two videos to showcase the unreleased enemies. This Reddit thread puts the two videos together, so you can view them both in one place. It appears as though Ruri is playing on a private server, which allows them to summon monsters and manipulate the game in various ways.

Ruri summons two different creatures that each use a different element to fight. One is a large bird that uses Anemo to attack from the air, while the other is a sort of crocodile that uses the power of Geo. The leak also suggests that new Eremite mobs will summon these monsters. In the clips, both enemies appear out of a floating portal, so that info could be true.

The bird is able to pull players into one spot like a vacuum, and even create a tornado that’s similar to the Anemo Traveler’s Elemental Burst. Meanwhile, the crocodile can burrow underground to reappear for a quick strike, and also create a ground pound shockwave.

In these videos, Ruri uses Cyno as the on-screen character, so you can see a bit of his kit in action if you missed his previous gameplay leaks.


Those who like what they see will be happy to know that Cyno will be added to the roster in the version 3.1 character banners alongside Nilou and Candace. Venti and Eula are also rumoured to be getting reruns, so it’s time to save those Primogems while you can.