Genshin Impact leak confirms Yoimiya, Yae, and Childe reruns in 3.2

This Genshin Impact leak provides new visuals that show Yoimiya, Yae, and Childe reruns will be coming for the RPG's version 3.2 character banners

Genshin Impact leak confirms Yoimiya, Yae, and Childe reruns in 3.2: blonde anime girl sitting next to two friends

This new Genshin Impact leak all but confirms that Yoimiya, Yae Miko, and Childe will be getting reruns for the RPG‘s version 3.2 character banners. The trio will be made available alongside the Dendro Archon, Nahida, and the new, sleepy four-star Cryo user, Layla. It seems as though Nahida and Yomiya will appear in the first half of version 3.2, followed by Yae Miko and Childe in the second half.

Layla‘s placement hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but if we look at recent placements for new four-star characters in previous updates, it’s safe to assume that she’ll be placed in the first half alongside Nahida and Yoimiya.

Nahida and Layla are known additions because HoYoverse already revealed them on Twitter, but Yoimiya, Yae Miko, and Childe are a bit unexpected – doubly so for Yoimiya, who was just available in version 2.8. This will be Yae Miko’s first rerun, and even though Childe has had three in the past, he hasn’t appeared on a banner in a long time.

This leak comes from the aptly named YouTuber, Paimon’s Secret Stash. A social post on their channel lists the character banners as well as the weapon banners. There’s even an image showing what appears to be an upcoming web event featuring Yoimiya, Yae Miko, and Childe.

The characters will arrive next to their signature weapons, as you would expect. Nahida’s signature weapon is a new catalyst called A Thousand Floating Dreams, and Yoimiya’s signature bow is the Thundering Pulse. Yae Miko and Childe are also a catalyst and bow pairing, and their signature weapons are Kagura’s Verity and the Polar Star.

As you can see, Genshin Impact version 3.2 is bringing several strong characters, so you’ll want to save as many redeem as many Genshin Impact codes as possible before it goes live. The current Wind Chaser and Star-Seeker’s Sojourn events are also great sources of Primos for those who haven’t yet started them.