Genshin Impact Lisa skin comes free in 3.4 Second Blooming event

A new Genshin Impact Lisa skin is being added to the in-game shop in version 3.4, but players can obtain it for free in the anime game's Second Blooming event

Genshin Impact Lisa skin comes free in 3.4 Second Blooming event: anime girl in green clothes holding a purple rose

This new Genshin Impact Lisa skin can be acquired for free if players take part in the anime game‘s upcoming Second Blooming event in version 3.4. HoYoverse will also be adding a new Ayaka skin in the same update, but it can’t be obtained through a similar Genshin Impact event because she’s a five-star character. This is reminiscent of how Fischl and Diluc’s skins were released back in version 2.8.

The Genshin Impact version 3.4 livestream just ended, and it provided plenty of info about these new skins and how to obtain them. Lisa‘s ‘A Sobriquet Under Shade’ skin is a throwback to her time spent in Sumeru as a scholar. It’s an outfit that she had made when returning to visit Sumeru after her days of study, and it resembles her old Akademiya uniform.

Second Blooming is a team combat event with five separate challenges that contain different waves of enemies. You’ll be able to choose from your own roster, as well as a few trial characters – including Lisa in her new outfit.

Each team you use for separate waves must consist of unique characters to avoid repeats, but the event uses a ‘linkage’ system that allows you to choose certain characters to appear more than once, on different teams.

Genshin Impact Lisa skin comes free in 3.4 Second Blooming event: event overview with anime girl sitting next to text and icons

In the end, players who participate in the Second Blooming event will be rewarded with Lisa’s new skin along with Primogems, mora, level-up books, weapon ascension materials, and weapon enhancement ore.

If you want Ayaka‘s ‘Springbloom Missive’ skin, you’ll need to purchase it in the shop with Genesis Crystals by spending real money. Her outfit is based on Fontaine dresses seen in light novel illustrations that depict high-class women from that nation.

Genshin Impact version 3.3 is still live for another week and a half, so there’s still time to either pull for the Raiden Shogun or Ayato, or save up for the Alhaitham, Xiao, and Yaoyao banners coming in the first half of version 3.4.