Genshin Impact fix nerfs Mika charged attack, but bigger issues remain

Genshin Impact's newest update nerfs Mika's charged attack, causing it to consume more stamina per use, but HoYoverse is yet to address the bigger problems.

Genshin Impact fix nerfs Mika charged attack and fans are not pleased: anime boy with blonde hair and blue eyes

A new Genshin Impact fix has nerfed Mika by increasing the stamina consumption for his charged attack – an adjustment that fans feel is unnecessary given the fact that there are arguably more pressing changes that should be made in the anime game. Not to mention the fact that Mika released after Dehya, which makes the #FixDehya push look like it’s amounting to very little at this point in time.

According to HoYoverse, this Mika change is part of a fix, as the stamina consumption for his charged attack was lower than it should’ve been. They’ve changed the attack so that he uses 25 stamina instead of the previous low cost.

And, as usual, you’ll find 100 Primogems — or ‘apologems’ — in your in-game mail as compensation for the fix. You’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank five or above to receive the gems, though.

The main issue with this nerf is that players believe other issues should have been addressed first. Even setting Dehya‘s underwhelming kit aside for a moment, fans feel that Keqing and Mona have had strange wording and inconsistencies in their abilities for a long time.

For example, Keqing’s charged attack consumes 25 stamina whereas other sword users only use 20, which seems odd. And Mona’s C1 still doesn’t extend the duration that enemies are frozen, even though that’s exactly what it should be doing according to the in-game text.

Genshin Impact fix nerfs Mika charged attack and fans are not pleased: anime girl with big hat looking at magic circle

Fans have plenty more thoughts on this topic that go beyond Mika’s charged attack costing more stamina, and you can read a few of them – or join the conversation yourself – in this Reddit thread.

Mika is currently available to pull for in Genshin Impact version 3.5 alongside Ayaka and Shenhe. You still have just under two weeks left to pull for them before Kaveh and Baizhu make their appearances on the Genshin Impact 3.6 character banners.