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Genshin Impact Tighnari and Zhongli banner sales exceed expectations

Genshin Impact's Tighnari and Zhongli character banners have been doing much better than expected, especially when looking at who's coming in 3.1


The current Genshin Impact Tighnari and Zhongli banners have produced high sales numbers during their first week, despite the fact that HoYoverse has already revealed three enticing new characters that’ll be coming to the game in version 3.1. This is Zhongli’s fourth rerun and Tighnari will join the standard banner in the next update, so it’s surprising to see this much money being spent on the pair just before an update that’s bringing much more limited content to the table.

Once again, GenshinLab has used the revenue data from the Chinese App Store to give us a look at the sales numbers for that region on iOS devices. This data is put into useful charts that reveal spending habits for a large chunk of Genshin Impact’s player base. The Tighnari and Zhongli revenue chart shows that these 3.0 banners sit in the upper half when compared to the profits for other characters.

The Tighnari and Zhongli banners made about $13,961,126 USD / £12,088,729.59 GBP during their first week. For reference, Raiden Shogun’s first release banner is at the top of the list when it comes to first-week sales, as it made about $25,605,658 USD / £22,168,482.50 GBP.

Fans expected Tighnari and Zhongli to make much less, seeing as players have had plenty of chances to pull for Zhongli already, and Tighnari will be available for the foreseeable future as a standard banner character alongside the likes of Mona, Jean, Diluc, Keqing, and Qiqi. Also, Collei, a new character featured on both banners, can be obtained for free in an event.

Those revenue numbers become even more impressive since we know what’s coming in Genshin Impact version 3.1. Cyno, Nilou, and Candace are joining the roster alongside unknown rerun banners, so it’s likely that 3.1 will be even more profitable as players struggle to pick between all the available choices.

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