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How to make money in Hogwarts Legacy

Every tip to make money in Hogwarts Legacy, from flogging off unwanted items and giving beasts a new home to opening chests and finishing quests.

Hogwarts Legacy money - Ellie Peck is wearing a cap with a tastle on it. Her clothes are similar in style to that of a falconer.

Want to know how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy? If you explore every nook and cranny of a dungeon, you may find a few gold coins scattered around, but it’s not really the most efficient way to make galleons, the currency of the wizarding world.

Money is handy for many things in Hogwarts Legacy, but you’ll need a tidy sum to buy every possible upgrade. In addition, you can purchase recipes for items to conjure up in the Room of Requirement, brew new Hogwarts Legacy potions, or seeds to grow plants such as the Mandrake. These are a few get-rich schemes to make Hogwarts Legacy money in no time at all.

Hogwarts Legacy money - the wizard has six beasts to sell to the Brood & Peck, with the Jobberknoll being worth 120 galleons.

How to get money in Hogwarts Legacy

Early on, the easiest way to get money in Hogwarts Legacy is to remember to use the Floo Flames to fast travel to any shop in Hogsmeade or the surrounding villages and sell off any outdated gear you pick up. Of course, if you find yourself scrapping gear, you’re essentially burning money, so try to have an empty inventory whenever you delve into dungeons or complete main story missions.

For a quick cash injection, open up every eyeball chest you can find in Hogwarts Legacy. Each one you open nets you 500 galleons, but you must learn the Disillusionment Hogwarts Legacy spell before you can open them. You also get a decent amount of money for completing side quests, though the amount varies from task to task.

By far, the most efficient revenue stream comes when you unlock the ability to capture Hogwarts Legacy beasts. Make sure to snag up every critter wandering around the monster dens into your Nab-Sack. You can sell each beast in the Brood & Peck for 120 galleons each.

Those are all the best ways to make money quickly in Hogwarts Legacy we’ve discovered so far. The RPG game has many side activities worth undertaking, such as finding Daedalian keys and Demiguise Statues. Alternatively, you can also complete Merlin trials to increase your inventory size, allowing you to sell more items at once. Make sure you also check out our list of the best PC games if you fancy giving something else a spin.

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