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Best Honkai Star Rail Qingque build

The best Honkai Star Rail Qingque build ensures the odds are always in your favor as this tile-flipping damage dealer brings gacha mechanics to the battlefield.

Qingque holds up her Mahjong tiles while smirking at the viewer, though the odds of her pulling the matching tiles depends on the best Honkai Star Rail Qingque build.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Qingque build? The lackadaisical Qingque is a happy-go-lucky member of the Astral Express team. She can be a hard hitter when luck is on her side, and luck plays a big part of her battle style. Her damage output relies on how her tiles fall, but we can improve her performance exponentially with this build.

Qingque’s build needs to primarily focus on building her attack output. There aren’t currently any ways to sway how the tiles fall, but we can control how much damage she delivers when her attacks fly. Another aspect under our control is the choice of Honkai Star Rail relics she wears, which can boost her Quantum elemental power. If you’re looking for tips on the best team comp including Qingque, or need a tier list, let our extensive Honkai Star Rail coverage lead you to success.

The best Qinque build for the mousey-haired Trailblazer

What is the best Qingque build?

The best build for Qingque is: 

  • Light Cone  Night on the Milky Way
  • Relics  Genius of Brilliant Stars
  • Planar Ornaments – Sprightly Vonwacq
  • Eidolon  Level 1: Rise Through the Tiles
  • Team comp – Qingque, Bronya, Tingyun, Natasha

Qingque is a unique character to use within a team due to the RNG that impacts her attacks, so, for our Qingque build, we want to focus on two things; damage and building energy reserves. To explore why this build works so well, we’ve broken our picks down in the following sections.

Best Qingque Light Cones

The best Qingque Light Cones are:

Light Cone Effect
Night on the Milky Way (five-star) For every enemy on the field, Qingque’s attack increases by 8% up to five times. If an enemy is inflicted with weakness break, Qingque’s damage increases by 24% for one turn.
Today is Another Peaceful Day (four-star) Increases Qingque’s damage based on her max energy. Her damage increases 0.2% per point, up to a total of 160 energy.

Qingque becomes a better damage dealer early in fights with this choice of Honkai Star Rail Light Cones. Choosing Night on the Milky Way guarantees that her attack damage is increased due to the number of enemies on the field. Obviously, this will decrease as your team powers through the enemies, however, she will get that secondary buff of 24% damage increase if her target is under a weakness break. This choice also removes any gambles on her energy bank, though the back up Light Cone we suggested does keep her damage stat increasing.

The best Qinque build for the mousey-haired Trailblazer

Best Qingque Relics

Relic Effect
Genius of Brilliant Stars (four-piece) When Qingque attacks enemies with quantum damage, she ignores 25% of the enemy’s defense.
Muskateer of Wild Wheat (four-piece) Increases speed and basic attack damage.

Genius of Brilliant Stars was made with Qingque in mind. The buffs to quantum damage ensure that her attacks carry weight. Ignoring an enemy’s defence is particularly good against bosses and mini-bosses as their defence is usually higher than the grunts. As a fall back, Muskateer of Wild Wheat is a good option for Qingque, or any other characters for that matter, as it is a straight damage buff.

Best Qingque Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornaments for Qingque are:

Planar Ornaments Effect
Sprightly Vonwacq Increases Qingque’s energy regeneration rate by 5%. When her speed reaches 145, her action is advanced forward by 50% immediately upon entering battle.

Best Qingque Eidolons

Eidolon Effect
Level One: Rise Through the Tiles Qingque’s ultimate deals 10% more damage.

The Rise Through the Tiles Eidolon works best for Qingque due to the extra damage she will inflict across the battlefield. As her ultimate targets all enemies, she will be able to thin the crowd faster. This boosts her ultimate attack damage from 136% to 146%, which is nothing to sniff at.

The best Qinque build for the mousey-haired Trailblazer

Qingque Ascension Materials

Qingque’s Ascension Materials are:

  • Thief’s Instinct
  • Usurper’s Scheme
  • Conqueror’s Will
  • Void Cast Iron

In order to enhance Qingque’s level, skills, and traces, you will need a lot of materials. Each of these areas requires different materials which can be found as rewards from shops and calyx’s. It’s time to grind, and we can help you track down locations for materials in order to get Qingque to max level quickly.

Best Qingque team comp

The best Qingque team comp is:

  • Qingque – Main DPS
  • Bronya – Offensive Buffer
  • Tingyun – Buffer
  • Bailu – Healer

The best team comp for Qingque is geared towards increasing the percentage chance for her to hit the jackpot on tiles – and ensures that the ensuing damage is worth the wait. Tingyun is the ideal damage buffer in this regard, and the side helping of Energy replenishment thanks to her ultimate can shorten the cooldown of Qingque’s own ultimate and guarantee a full sweep of jade tiles.

Bronya provides a slew of buffs, while her skill ensures that Qingque takes multiple actions, increasing her approximate 10% chance to draw a straight run of jade tiles over the course of a single turn. A solid healer is a must on this team, since there’s always the possibility that Qinque to hit a run of bad luck that leaves. We’ve opted for Bailu for her revival abilities, but Natasha is an excellent option for single and multi-target healing, with added cleanse capabilities.

With the best Honkai Star Rail Qingque build in hand, this laidback Diviner can be an extremely viable and fun pick from your roster. If you’re still short of characters that synergize well with her, be sure to redeem the latest Honkai Star Rail codes and revise our Stellar Jade farming tips to earn the currency for the latest HSR banners. Finally, our complete list of the best builds is certain to come in handy regardless of who you pull.