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Best Honkai Star Rail Seele build

The best Honkai Star Rail Seele build sees the scythe-wielding rebel tearing through enemies one after another, pairing crit and speed with her unique talent.

Seele staring up at the moonlight as butterflies flit around her, an emblem of one of her key abilities in the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build.

On the hunt for the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build? The five-star Quantum damage-dealer is one of the best characters you can obtain in Hoyoverse’s interstellar gacha game, and while she’s pretty strong as standard, you need to pair her with the right Light Cones, Relics, and other equipment to get her to perform at her boss-busting best. That’s where we come in.

Our best Honkai Star Rail Seele build will help you float like a butterfly and sting like a, uh, butterfly. Of course, just pulling her from Honkai Star Rail banners can be a challenge in itself, so if you’re a little short on stellar jade, don’t panic – we’ve included some viable free-to-play alternatives in our build as well. Here’s everything you need for the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build in the RPG game.

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What is the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build?

The best Seele build is:

  • Light Cone – In the Night
  • Relics – Genius of Brilliant Stars (four-piece set)
  • Planar Ornaments – Space Sealing Station
  • Eidolons – Shattering Shambles

Seele is a single-target assassin with the capacity to chain multiple turns via her Resurgence talent. However, her ability to take multiple turns only triggers if she can defeat a target in one fell swoop. Consequently, the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build maximises her crit rate and damage, while also taking full advantage of the speed bonus built into her kit. With all this under her belt, Seele becomes one of the heaviest hitters in the anime game, and every turn is her turn.

Best Seele Light Cones

The best Seele Light Cones are:

  • In the Night (five-star)
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea (five-star)
  • Sleep Like the Dead (five-star)
  • Arrow (three-star)

In the Night is Seele’s signature Light Cone, so it’s no surprise that it takes pride of place in our best Honkai Star Rail Seele build. It provides bonuses to her damage, crit rate, and crit damage, while also scaling off her speed. This synergises perfectly with the 25% speed buff granted by her Sheathed Blade skill, and can also stack up to eight times – so the longer a fight goes on, the more powerful Seele is due to become.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea is an excellent five-star alternative since it boosts Seele’s crit rate against enemies below 50% health – however, it does mean that she’s is liable to flop on her first turn if there aren’t weaker enemies for her to one-shot and get the ball rolling. If Seele doesn’t have enough base damage to see you through, you might opt for Sleep Like the Dead instead, which increases Seele’s crit rate every time she doesn’t crit.

Arrow is your go-to free-to-play Light Cone for the majority of single-target Hunt characters, and it’s a great option for Seele since it provides a flat crit rate bonus. This bonus does elapse after three turns so it won’t sustain her over long battles, but it’ll more than suffice until you acquire light cones of higher quality.

Seele whirls around with her deadly scythe, her hair and clothes streaming around her, with all the grace and power of the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build.

Best Seele Relics

The best Seele Relics are:

Relic Effect
Genius of Brilliant Stars (four-piece) When the wearer deals damage to the target enemy, ignores 10% defence. If the target enemy has Quantum Weakness, the wearer additionally ignores 10% defence.
Musketeer of Wild Wheat (four-piece) The wearer’s speed increases by 6% and basic attack damage increases by 10%.

Genius of Brilliant Stars builds off Seele’s high crit by lowering the defence of enemies across the board, ensuring that whenever Seele hits, she hits hard enough to clinch that one-shot and trigger a follow-up turn. If you’re yet to strike it big with this set in Cavern of Corrosion, Musketeer of Wild Wheat is a great alternative for a flat boost to Seele’s damage and speed.

Best Seele Planar Ornaments

The best Seele Planar Ornaments are:

Planar Ornament Effect Sphere Link Rope
Space Sealing Station Increases the wearer’s attack by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s attack increases by another 12%. Herta’s Space Station Herta’s Wandering Trek
Celestial Differentiator Increases the wearer’s crit damage by 16%. When the wearer’s current crit damage reaches 120% or higher, after entering battle, the wearer’s crit rate increases by 60% until the end of their first attack. Planet Screwllum’s Mechanical Sun

Planet Screwllum’s Ring System


Sprightly Vonwacq Increases the wearer’s energy regeneration rate by 5%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s action is advanced forward by 50% immediately upon entering battle. Vonwacq’s Island of Birth

Vonwacq’s Islandic Coast


Celestial Differentiator allows Seele’s first swing to hit like a truck, and can be particularly devastating against bosses – but this depends on whether you can reach the 120% crit damage threshold. Space Sealing Station is a bit more reliable overall, since you can ensure Seele crosses its attached speed threshold, and the ensuing 24% attack bonus applies to all her damage-dealing abilities. We’ve also included Sprightly Vonwacq as an alternative that reduces the cooldown of Seele’s ultimate, and provides additional turn manipulation on top of her talent.

Seele prepares to unleash her ultimate ability, twirling her scythe around her on the battlefield to dish out certain death with the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build.

Best Seele Eidolon

The best Seele Eidolons are:

Eidolon Effect
Level 2: Dancing Butterfly

The speed boost effect of Seele’s Skill can stack up to 2 times.


Level 6: Shattering Shambles  After Seele uses her ultimate, inflict the target enemy with Butterfly Flurry for one turn. Enemies suffering from Butterfly Flurry will take additional Quantum damage equal to 15% of Seele’s ultimate damage every time they are attacked. If the target enemy is defeated by the Butterfly Flurry damage triggered by other allies’ attacks, Seele’s talent will not be triggered. When Seele is knocked down, the Butterfly Flurry inflicted on the enemies will be removed.

As is the case with many Honkai Star Rail characters, Seele’s most valuable Eidolon is the last in the set. Shattering Shambles makes her ultimate even more devastating than it already is, but acquiring it is made more difficult than usual given Seele’s current place in the limited character pool for Honkai Star Rail Warps. If you’d prefer to set your sights a little lower, Dancing Butterfly is a boon for Seele, buffing her speed an additional 50% with a single attack.

Seele ascension materials

Seele’s ascension materials are:

  • x15 Thief’s Instinct
  • x15 Usurper’s Scheme
  • x15 Conqueror’s Will
  • x65 Void Cast Iron

Thief’s Instinct forms the basis for many of Seele’s ascension materials, and it’s also incredibly easy to obtain. It’s a common drop while fighting Voidrangers on the Herta Space Station, but you can also farm it passively via assignments or use your Undying Embers to purchase them at the Ember Exchange in a pinch.

Once you have enough, you can begin to synthesise surplus Thief’s Instinct via the Omni-Synthesiser material synthesis to create Usurper’s Scheme, which can then be synthesised into Conqueror’s Will. Conversely, acquiring Void Cast Iron is markedly more difficult, since you have little choice other than to farm the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Quanta challenge until you have enough to reach Seele’s highest ascension point.

That’s all you need to craft the best Honkai Star Rail Seele build. If you’re planning on pairing her with a dazzling team comp to compliment her kit, be sure to check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list. We’ve also got all the latest Honkai Star Rail codes to replenish your stellar jade, as well as the best builds for Bronya, Welt, Tingyun, and more. Finally, hop aboard our Honkai Star Rail review to discover how we fared in Belobog and beyond.