How to find Lego Fortnite Brightcore

The Lego Fortnite Brightcore is an extremely rare resource only found in one location, so here are all the details on where to find it.

Lego Fortnite Brightcore: a lava-filled cave with skeletons inside.

Where can you get Lego Fortnite Brightcore? Some of the most potent upgrades require hard-to-find items, and one of these difficult-to-source stones to mine is the Brightcore. You’ll eventually need to locate some of these, but it might be a while before you can safely extract them.

The main issue when gathering Lego Fortnite Brightcore in survival game mode is that you need to find Lego Fortnite caves in the Dry Valley biome. This is one of the more dangerous locations, as it’s too hot to explore unless you equip or consume items that grant heat resistance. Your Lego Fortnite village level needs to be high enough for you to create the tools you need to get out alive.

Lego Fortnite Brightcore: a cave in the desert with several Lego explorers about to venture inside.

How do you find Lego Fortnite Brightcore

You can find Lego Fortnite Brightcore by heading inside any cave in the Dry Valley biome. Once inside, ensure you have a rare pickaxe, as it will be hot, and you’ll want to escape as soon as possible. Since you’ll be close to lava, building some safe platforms is also necessary, so stock up on some marble slabs.

Ensuring you’re prepared is the main thing that will mean you can safely get the Brightcore back to your Lego Fortnite villagers. To do it, you’ll need at least a rare rarity pickaxe, which you can find out how to make by checking out our Lego Fortnite weapons guide. We recommend you equip a Cool-Headed Charm and stock up on Snowberry Shakes to keep yourself from burning up.

Not all caves in the Dry Valley Lego Fortnite biome will have Brightcores inside, as the cave may not be connected to an area with lava. These caves are also home to some precious gems such as rubies and sapphires, which you should also mine if you get the chance.

And that’s everything you need to know about getting Lego Fortnite Brightcore. To ensure that you’re stocked up on the required tools, check out our Lego Fortnite flexwood and Lego Fortnite amber guides for more on those materials. There’s also plenty more going on in the battle royale mode, so check out the Fortnite map and Fortnite weapons in Chapter 5 as they’ve all changed.