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Overwatch 2 bug sees Mercy vanish into objects on Esperança

Another Overwatch 2 bug sees support hero Mercy able to hide in certain objects on the Esperança push map, making her invisible in the Blizzard multiplayer FPS

Overwatch 2 bug - Mercy in her white, red, and gold 'Miko' shrine maiden outfit

Another Overwatch 2 bug has reared its head just after news from Blizzard that the FPS game’s latest patch is delayed from its expected release. The new glitch allows Overwatch 2 support hero Mercy to slip quietly into part of the environment on new push map Esperança, causing her to vanish from sight and allowing her to secretly contest the objective. This comes alongside a small delay to the Overwatch 2 nerfs patch, which is also expected to resolve a Mei ice wall glitch that saw her temporarily removed from the multiplayer game.

The Mercy glitch in question is a much more simple one than the recent Overwatch 2 Sombra glitch that allows the hacker to hide directly inside the payload itself, but it can still cause plenty of confusion if you don’t know what’s happened. By employing her ‘Sit’ emote, a Mercy player can sink inside a certain stack of bricks on one corner of the push map, at which point she is fully hidden from sight – even her rather sizeable wings disappear from view altogether.

A video posted to the Overwatch 2 Reddit shows a replay of the trick in action, while a YouTube short (seen below) shows it from both the player and enemy perspectives, as well as a wide shot during gameplay. It seems that she is still vulnerable to damage while there, thankfully – some shots seem not to make it through, but both Moira’s damage orb and Brigitte’s flail are shown damaging Mercy as she sits inside the blocks. It is close enough to prevent the push robot from progressing all the way around the corner, however – so if you think you’re in the clear and nothing is happening, give those bricks a check!

Players in the comments on the thread are once again joking that Mercy will now be the next character removed, though this issue is less dramatic than the Mei glitch or the Overwatch 2 Bastion exploit and Torbjörn bug that saw the former removed entirely and the latter taken out of competitive modes. Others suggest that perhaps Esperança will see a brief break while the geometry is adjusted, though hopefully it’ll be a fairly easy fix.

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