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Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld

Our top picks for the best Transporting Pals in Palworld assist in item management by dropping all your goods off in storage for you.

Best Palworld Transporter Pals: Quivern receives a gentle pat from their Pal Tamer as they explore the northern reaches of the map.

What are the best Transporting Pals in Palworld? Transporting items in your base is an often overlooked task – after all, you can never have enough resources. However, keeping a Transporting Pal on standby can save bags of time when you’re dropping off items, letting you get back to exploring while also ensuring your base looks as fresh as the day you first built it.

Pals that excel in Transporting are the key to a tidy base in Palworld. Unlike the best Palworld Mining Pals or the best Palworld Kindling Pals, their work efficiency revolves around item management rather than Palworld resource production. Instead, the best Transporting Pals do all the heavy lifting, picking up any items lying around your base and dropping them in storage boxes. So, if you need a Palworld Pal to keep your hoarding tendencies in check in Pocketpair’s Pokemon PC game, here are all the best Transporting Pals to assign to your base.

Best Palworld Transporter Pals: Wumpo Botan as it appears in the Paldeck, placed against a backdrop of a Palworld base.

Best Transporting Pals in Palworld

The best Transporting Pal in Palworld is Wumpo or Wumpo Botan with level four Transporting work suitability. Wumpo can be located in the northern reaches of the map, while Wumpo Botan can be found on the ice lake to the west of Forgotten Island.

Wumpo and its Palworld variation has the highest Transporting level in the Paldeck, making it capable of carrying a stack of up to 20 items – the most any Transporter Pal can carry in the open-world game.

Given that there’s only a finite number of items for your Transporter Pals to manage at any one time, Wumpo’s supplementary work suitability skills ensure that it won’t be standing idle once its primary task is done. However, this does mean that it may become distracted. If you find yourself in desperate need of a clear-out, we recommend temporarily switching out Wumpo for our best focused Transporting Pal instead.

Here are the best Transporting Pals in Palworld:

Tier Pal
S Wumpo, Wumpo Botan
A Beakon, Gorirat, Grizzbolt, Mossanda, Mossanda Lux, Faleris, Helzephyr, Berserk, Quivern, Ragnahawk, Vanwyrm, Warsect
B Anubis, Beegarde, Bushi, Hangyu, Hangyu Cryst, Incineram, Incineram Noct, Katress, Killamari, Lovander, Penking, Robinquill, Robinquill Terra, Tombat, Verdash, Wixen
C Bristla, Cattivas, Celeray, Daedream, Dazzi, Depresso, Dumud, Fuack, Flopie, Fuddler, Gobfin, Gobfin Ignis, Lamball, Leezpunk, Leezpunk Ignis, Lunaris, Pengullet, Petallia, Relaxasaurus, Relaxasaurus Lux, Ribbuny, Sparkit, Tanzee, Vaelet

Best Palworld Transporter Pals: Helzephyr as it appears in the Paldeck, placed against a backdrop of a Palworld base.

Best focused Transporting Pal

Helzephyr is the most focused Transporting Pal in the RPG with Transporting level three as its only work suitability. Given that it’s a Transporting level lower than our best Transporting Pal Wumpo, it can only carry stacks of ten items at a time. However, given that Helzephyr won’t get distracted, you may find it a better pick if you keep a cluttered home.

Best Palworld Transporter Pals: Wumpo as it appears in the Paldeck, placed against a backdrop of a Palworld base.

Best multi-discipline Transporting Pal

As it happens, the best multi-discipline Transporting Pal is also Wumpo or Wumpo Botan. If your Palworld base has a lot of structures that occasionally require a helping hand, you can be sure Wumpo is on the case. However, we also recommend Mossanda and Mossanda Lux depending on whether you need Cooling, Planting, or Electricity.

Best Palworld Transporter Pals: Cattiva as it appears in the Paldeck, placed against a backdrop of a Palworld base.

Best early game Transporting Pal

Cattiva is by far the best Transporting Pal in the early game. They appear in the Palworld starter area in abundance, and their diverse work suitability makes them a great pick for any budding base – you’re unlikely to have too many items for Cattiva to transport in those first few hours, and you don’t want them standing idle when there’s important Palworld jobs to be done. However, we do recommend switching to Pals higher on our tier list as you expand your Palworld technology.

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