Phasmophobia outsells Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam

The ghost-hunting simulator is number one on Steam's top-sellers list for the second week running

Co-operative haunted house sim Phasmophobia is still reeling in sales, and staving off some major competition in the process. The horror game is atop the Steam top-sellers list for the second week in a row, outdoing Baldur’s Gate 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and others on Valve’s store.

A little over a month from first release, the immensely popular ghost game shows little sign of slowing down. Two weeks ago, the co-op game broke into the top five most-played games on Steam, with over 85,000 players at once. Now, it’s held onto the number one spot as Steam’s top-selling game for two weeks, holding steady against competition from The Outer Worlds, which just came out on Steam, Grand Theft Auto V, and Among Us, which has become firmly embedded in third place.

For many games, that wouldn’t be so notable, but Phasmophobia was made by one person, and the fact developer Kinetic Games is bringing in more revenue – the measurement for the Steam top-sellers – than some of the largest, most respected studios in the industry is quite remarkable. What’s more, between it and Among Us, you have four developers between two of the top three. It’s nice to see small teams getting a look in among the juggernauts of the medium.

Speaking of Among Us, the social deduction game‘s been suffering from some hackers of late, but developer Innersloth is working on it. Here’s a neat hide-and-seek variant that’s perfect for Halloween.

You can find Phasmophobia on Steam here, it’s in Early Access, so still quite rough around the edges. It’s a scary game – hence the title – but fret not, we have guides on the ghosts, the ouija board, and the crucifix, to help you bust any spectral menace that appears.