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How to unlock the Remnant 2 Ritualist archetype

Here’s how to unlock the Remnant 2 Ritualist archetype in The Awakened King DLC and subject your foes to a slow death via status effects.

Remnant 2 Ritualist is the new archetype - A mysterioius figure wrapped in dark clothing and wearing a wide-brimmed hat, their eyes glowing purple.

How do you unlock the Remnant 2 Ritualist? If you’ve exhausted the base game class selection in Gunfire Games’ world-hopping sequel, the odds are high that you’ve got your eye on the Ritualist. This occult archetype eschews raw firepower in favor of stacking harmful status effects upon foes, inflicting terror, and even draining their own health pool for more damage. If all of the above appeals to you, then unlocking it should be your first priority.

The Ritualist is a Remnant 2 archetype exclusive to the Remnant 2 Awakened King DLC, so that’s one obvious barrier to access. Thankfully, the steps to unlock it once you purchase the DLC are fairly straightforward; unlike the Remnant 2 Archon, it requires no special conditions or datamining. Instead, you just have to reach the archetype engram material’s secret location in the action-adventure game, and we’ve scoured the length of the Forlorn Coast to find it. Here’s how to unlock the Remnant 2 Ritualist archetype.

The Ritualist stands beneath the bridge of the Forlorn Coast leading to the palace of The One True King, scythe in hand.

How to unlock the Ritualist

To unlock the Ritualist, obtain the Ragged Poppet from the cave beneath the Forlorn Coast docks and take it to Wallace in Ward 13.

The cave is located beneath the docks, so hop across the boats in the water until you reach a wooden platform leading to a boathouse and the cave entrance. Continue along the cave passage to discover a witch performing a ritual on a pig at the end of the path. Defeat them both, then retrieve the Ragged Poppet from the wooden post directly opposite.

Take the Ragged Poppet to Wallace in Ward 13 to convert it into the Cursed Effigy engram. Like all engrams, it costs 1,000 Scrap and ten Lumenite Crystals for Wallace to craft it. Finally, equip it to the prime or secondary archetype engram slot in the Archetype menu to unlock the Ritualist archetype.

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Remnant 2 Ritualist skills and perks

Archetypes in Remnant 2 are only as good as their abilities, and the Ritualist includes a collection of skills and perks that offer burst damage, status effect application, and lifesteal. Once you’ve switched your Remnant 2 dual archetype to include the Ritualist, we highly recommend performing a Remnant 2 trait points reset to invest in Siphoner, Amplitude, and other Remnant 2 traits that would benefit this class.

Ritualist skills

  • Eruption – Creates 1m explosion for 145 damage on all enemies within 15 meters. Explosion radius and damage increases 100% for each unique status effect on the target. Refreshes all current status effects on the target.
  • Miasma – Casts an AoE (area-of-effect) burst that applies Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to all enemies within 15 meters, dealing a total 1,450 base damage. Lasts 10.5 seconds.
  • Deathwish – Negates all healing to self. Drain 300% health over 20 seconds. Increases all damage by 35% and grants 10% base damage dealt as lifesteal.

Ritualist perks

  • Vile – (Prime Perk) Negative status effects applied by the Ritualist inflict Infected. When Infected, the victim receives 5% more status effect damage. On death, Infected spreads all statuses to nearby enemies within 5 meters.
  • Wrath – (Damage Perk) Increases all damage to enemies affected by a negative status effect by 12%. Increases all critical chance against enemies affected by a negative status effect by 10%. Damage increases with Ritualist level.
  • Terrify – (Team Perk) Killing an entity applies Terrified to all enemies within 5 meters of killed entity for 20 seconds. Terrified enemies deal 5% less damage.
  • Dark Blood – (Utility Perk) Reduces damage received from negative status effects by 25%.
  • Purge – (Relic Perk) On relic use, cleanses all negative status effects.

Ritualist archetype trait

  • Affliction – Increases status effect duration against enemies by 80%.

Now that you’ve unlocked the Remnant 2 Ritualist archetype, you’re free to select it at any point during character creation, so there’s no need to track down the Ragged Poppet again. However, we highly recommend hopping into a friend’s world in Remnant 2 co-op to ensure that they can also bring the pain to Remnant 2 bosses. Now that you’re all set, prepare for the One True King boss fight by making sure you haven’t missed out on the best Remnant 2 weapons, and kit them out with the best Remnant 2 mods to get the most out of your new Ritualist.