Starfield Akila City guide

Everything we know about Starfield's Akila City, the home of the Freestar Collective and a homestead-like beacon of liberty and individuality.

Starfield Akila city concept art showing the walled city from a distance, as a shadowed figure looks on from the foreground.

What can be found in Starfield’s Akila city? Akila City represents a much more rugged hub of human activity than you can find in the galaxy’s other urban spaces, and is home to one of the most established factions in the Starfield universe.

There are four main Starfield cities in the space game, Starfield New Atlantis, the capital city of the United Colonies; Starfield Neon city, the man-made fishing platform city; the mysterious Mars city of Cydonia; and the walled municipality of the Freestar Collective, Akila City, which we explore in more detail below, including where it can be found, and who’s waiting for you there.

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Akila City background

Founded in 2167, Akila City is most well known as being the home of the Freestar Collective, the Starfield faction that fought against the United Colonies in the Narion and Colony wars – not to be mistaken with the Clone Wars, despite the fact that Akila city looks like it could be found on Tatooine.

The other trait the city is recognized for is being built behind a wall. Why? Because the walls keep out a deadly alien predator species called the Ashta, which are described as a “cross between a wolf and a velociraptor”. It isn’t safe to get up close and personal with this beast, but the one pictured below, outside The Rock, is quite friendly.

Lead designer on Starfield, Emil Pagliarulo, describes Akila City in a developer commentary video as a home for a variety of people with one thing in common – “they believe in the sanctity of personal freedom and individuality.”

A statue of an Ashta in Starfield Akila City

Akila City size and locations

Compared to New Atlantis, Akila is a lot more compact, but that’s not to say there isn’t plenty to do there. In fact, our friends at Starfielddb have created a handy, interactive Starfield Akila City map to show you all of the locations. Included are some of the following:

  • The Hitching – a tavern.
  • Shepherd’s General Store – a place for all odds and ends.
  • Rowland Arms – a purveyor of fine weaponry.
  • The Rock – a military base.
  • Stoneroot Inn

The capital city of Akila is located, unsurprisingly, on the planet of Akila itself, which is found in the Cheyenne system.

An view of Stafield's Akila City, with a spaceship coming into land and mountains in the background

Akila City factions

Akila City is the capital city of one of the many Starfield factions, Freestar Collective, which is a loose confederation of three distinct star systems. We’ve already met a couple of the companions you can find in the Constellation faction, including Starfield Barrett and Starfield Sarah Morgan, so head to their own detailed guides to get to know them better.
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That’s everything you need to know about Akila City, for more, we recommend grav jumping to the Cheyenne system and taking a good look round yourself. There’s plenty more to deep dive into when it comes to Bethesda’s RPG game, from exploring the Starfield map and understanding Starfield character creation to learning how Starfield base building works. And, if that’s not enough, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.