Starfield Cydonia city guide

Here's everything we know about Starfield's Cydonia city, including its various locations and factions, and which planet you'll find it on.

One of the NPCs of Starfield Cydonia on a backdrop of an orange landscape.

What can be found in Starfield’s Cydonia? Cydonia is a large mining settlement found on Mars. The entire city is located underground due to the inhospitable environment; here’s what we know about its locations, possible missions, and factions you’ll face here.

Cydonia is found on the Starfield planet Mars along with the Mars Mech Factory, and is one of the four big Starfield cities featured in the space game. It was one of the first established settlements after humanity left Earth and is made up of a maze of underground tunnels, completely sealed from the outside environment. It’s obviously found in the same system as Earth, so check out our guide to whether Earth is in Starfield and what you’ll find if you visit.

The iconic orange landscape of Starfield's Cydonia, with a smattering of twinkling stars overhead.

Cydonia locations

There’s lots to explore in Cydonia, and you can expect to take on a few Starfield missions in this area, so there’s no chance you’ll miss it. It’s also a great place to mine Starfield resources, as it’s the largest mining settlement in the United Colonies district, with various traders that can sell some Starfield weapons that pack a serious punch if you have enough Starfield credits on you.

Some of the places to visit in Cydonia city include:

  • The Broken Spear pub
  • UC Security Office
  • Deimos Staryard Engineering
  • Trade Authority Outpost
  • UC Exchange
  • Reliant Medical
  • UC Office of the Governor-General
  • Deimos Staryards Corporate Office
  • Luxe Condominiums
  • Deimos Miner Quarters
  • Jane’s Goods
  • Community Center
  • UC Marine Barracks

The industrial interior environments of Starfield's Cydonia, where gaggles of people crowd around above an accident record sign, watched over by a UC Security guard.

Cydonia factions

It looks like the Starfield United Colonies faction is located on Cydonia, said to be the strongest Starfield faction, though you’ll be sent here on a mission by Constellation. We do know that Earth comes into the Starfield lore and timeline, so we can expect a lot to play out in Cydonia.

That’s everything we know about Starfield’s Cydonia, for more cities here are guides to the Starfield Neon City, Starfield Akila City, and Starfield New Atlantis and what you can find in each one.

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