Former Dragon Age writer weighs in on controversial Starfield romances

Bethesda's Starfield romances are set to bring star-crossed lovers together, and a former BioWare and Dragon Age writer thinks having so few of them is good.

Starfield continues the Bethesda RPG game tradition of romance, but game director Todd Howard has laid out how you’ll only be able to smooch a handful of your comrades during your playtime. While this might sound like a downgrade for Starfield, a former BioWare and Dragon Age writer has weighed in on how these Starfield romances could be a blessing in disguise. We’ll have to wait until the Starfield release date to see, though.

Former Dragon Age lead writer at BioWare David Gaider has weighed in on Bethesda’s new colossal space game, and how having so few romance options may very well be for the best. This comes after Todd Howard told Kinda Funny that the four members of Constellation will be your romance options, with many expecting there to be a few more.

“I’d say this is a good thing,” Gaider explains (via GamesRadar), “and hopefully speaks of a ‘quality over quantity’ mindset, at least on the narrative side. Unless a meaningful romance arc is the kind of thing one imagines an AI could whip up… in which case, ew.”

Former Dragon Age writer weighs in on controversial Starfield romances

While Starfield will at least let you have sex with a jetpack on, just four romance options might upset some. That said Gaider’s a skilled veteran of the industry, and I’d also rather have fewer options but see them more fleshed out and intriguing.

Gaider then adds that he “wouldn’t really call” previous Bethesda game romances actual romances, before addressing general skepticism about what Starfield plans to deliver later this year.

“The skepticism probably comes from the promises of endless content but also meaningful content… things which haven’t really been compatible to date. I guess we’ll see!”

While it is easy to draw comparisons between Starfield’s 1,000 planets and any other element not being nearly as deep, it’s important to remember that only 100 Starfield planets will actually have life on them, with the space between each also filled with ships, outposts, and a heck of a lot to do.

If you want to get ahead of the game we’ve got all the Starfield early access launch details you’ll ever need, but it’s also important to remember that a Starfield Game Pass launch is happening on day one of the full release if you’re a subscriber.

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