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The best Tower of Fantasy King build

Our Tower of Fantasy King build capitalises on his unparalleled shield breaking abilities, shattering enemy defences and leaving them vulnerable to attack

Best Tower of Fantasy King build: King as shown in the Simulacra menu in Tower of Fantasy, fire whirling around his head as he removes his shades

Looking for the best Tower of Fantasy King build? This self-serving, money-hungry merc is highly coveted in Hotta Studio’s breakout anime game, and for good reason. Boasting the highest Shatter stat of any Tower of Fantasy character currently available, his deadly Scythe of the Crow excels at pulling large groups of enemies within range to tear through shields in record time. If a hyper-aggressive playstyle that pairs fast-paced melee combat with a fiery area-of-effect (AoE) passive sounds appealing, then King is the simulacrum for you.

It’s hard to go wrong while playing as King, but our Tower of Fantasy King build will identify the best matrices, weapon advancements and awakening traits to maximise the effects of his primary weapon stats. It’s important to clarify that Tower of Fantasy’s build management differs from what you might expect in a typical RPG game. As their name suggests, simulacra serve to represent the owners of Tower of Fantasy weapons, and as such their customisation is limited. That being said, let’s get into our Tower of Fantasy King build.

Best King Scythe of the Crow weapon abilities

Unlike our Tower of Fantasy Frigg build, which focuses on optimising a particular skill, the best Tower of Fantasy King build harnesses the potential of his stats. His superior Shatter makes him the best shield breaker in the game, so it’s no surprise that the best King build places him firmly in that role.

Shields serve as the primary line of defence in Tower of Fantasy. Not only do they absorb half the damage an enemy receives, they also grant immunity to control effects, such as becoming staggered or stun-locked. Consequently, the more time you spend chipping away at an enemy’s shield, the likelier it is that you’ll sustain damage during the fight. To mitigate this, it’s crucial that you always aggro enemies as King to ensure the burst damage produced by his moveset breaks through those shields as quickly as possible.

King excels at engaging large groups of enemies at once – his Scythe of the Crow has exceptional range for a melee weapon, and its flame passive inflicts reliable damage over time. Furthermore, King’s Domain of the Bat skill can reliably drag an enemy back within range, preventing stragglers from retreating to recharge their shields or avoiding the discharge of your primary DPS simulacrum.

Best Tower of Fantasy King build: King, one of the most powerful SSR simulacra available in Tower of Fantasy, with his signature sunglasses, vampiric trench coat, and shaggy red hair

Best King team composition

The best Tower of Fantasy King build requires a team composition that’s capable of supporting his role as a shield breaker and delivering a punishing follow-up once those shields are broken. We recommend the following simulacra:

  • Samir (Dual EM Stars, SSR DPS): King is a perfectly serviceable damage dealer in his own right, but his damage output pales in comparison to Samir. Her high Charge stat allows you to reliably deliver massive AoE burst damage via her Domain of Thunder discharge skill once King finally breaks through those shields. We’ve already mentioned Scythe of the Crow’s impressive range, but pairing King with a ranged damage-dealer such as Samir gives you the option to break away from mobs of enemies altogether, without being forced to sacrifice your damage output in the process. As a final bonus, including both King and Samir in your team composition grants you attack resonance, which increases your total damage output by 10% in solo play and 40% in co-op.
  • Nemesis (Venus, SSR Support): Nemesis is absolutely crucial to pair with King due to her support healing and control effects. While King’s awakening traits offer a dash of healing, they are no substitute for a dedicated healer – especially when you’re taking on large groups of enemies at once. The ten-second healing chain created by Nemesis’ Twin Spinning Focus and Parallel Beams skills allows you to quickly switch back to King and resume your assault on the enemy’s shields. Additionally, her volt passive paralyses enemies, negates all buffs, and prevents them from reapplying those buffs for six seconds. It’s also worth noting that Nemesis and Samir synergise incredibly well due to their shared volt element, which unlocks a volt resonance passive that increases volt attack by 15% and volt resistance by 25%.

Samir is an incredible SSR simulacra in her own right, so if you’re lucky enough to have pulled her from one of the several Tower of Fantasy banners available, we would highly recommend checking out our best Tower of Fantasy Samir build to maximise her potential.

Best King build matrices

The best matrices available for our shield breaker Tower of Fantasy King build are:

  • King (two-piece): When a target is shattered, grant 8%, 10%, 12% or 14% damage boost for 25 seconds. Only the highest level’s effect is applied when obtained repeatedly.
  • Shiro (two-piece): Increase both damage and shatter to targets with more than 50% health by 15%, 19%, 22.5% or 26%.

King’s matrices are of obvious benefit to him, but his four-piece grants a healing buff that is surplus to requirements when you have a support simulacrum such as Nemesis on your team. Instead, Shiro’s two-piece set reinforces the shatter priority of our best Tower of Fantasy King build, and the 50% health facilitates his role in engaging enemies early.

Best Tower of Fantasy King build: King, wielding his Scythe of the Crow, as depicted in his primary cosmetic skin

King weapon advancements

Weapon advancements serve as a useful consolation prize after receiving duplicate simulacra from the Tower of Fantasy gacha system. Once pulled, the duplicate is converted into a material that may be used to progress through the six tiers of weapon advancement. The probability rate for pulling any SSR simulacra is less than 1%, so we can guarantee that maxing out King’s weapon advancement will take a huge amount of time and currency.

Here are the Scythe of the Crow weapon advancements:

  • One star: Increase shatter by 15%. After shattering the target’s shield, deal burn damage equal to 120% of ATK to the target every second for 15 seconds.
  • Two stars: Increase the current weapon’s base health growth by 16%.
  • Three stars: Increase damage dealt by 10% for each enemy within six metres, up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Four stars: Increase the current weapon’s base attack growth by 32%.
  • Five stars: Increase damage dealt against health shields or shielded enemies by 100%.
  • Six stars: Increase damage dealt by 10% for each enemy slain for 30 seconds. Stack up to three times.

Thankfully, the best advancement available for our King build is actually his first, due to its hefty percentage bonus to shield breaking. His three-star and five-star advancements also provide significant damage bonuses, with the latter effectively doubling your damage output while maintaining his shield breaker role. Gaining a duplicate King might be down to luck of the draw, but you can easily gain a few extra chances by ensuring you’ve redeemed all active Tower of Fantasy codes and Tower of Fantasy battle pass rewards that are available to you.

King awakening traits

Awakening traits are minor buffs that are unlocked by giving gifts to your simulacra of choice and accumulating awakening points. Awakening traits differ from weapon advancements as they’re bound to the simulacra themselves. Put simply, in order to reap the benefits from King’s awakening traits, you must have his simulacrum equipped. King’s preferred gifts are Saved, Limited Store, and Rare Items.

  • Coldblooded Swipe (1,200 points): Every seven enemies killed by King restores health equal to 8% of max health.
  • Fear Reaper (4,000 points): Every five enemies killed by King restores health equal to 10% of max health.

Both King’s awakening traits are particularly useful given that King has no healing abilities of his own. Both traits function as a safety net for your health, buying you some time to switch to your support healer before King is truly overwhelmed.

That’s all for our best Tower of Fantasy King build. Unsurprisingly, King takes the crown in our Tower of Fantasy tier list, but there’s a possibility this could change in the future. If you’re curious about how the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update expands the global simulacra roster, check out our Tower of Fantasy Claudia guide for everything we know about the Hykros Executor.