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Wuthering Waves release date, beta, trailers, and latest news

All the latest news on the Wuthering Waves release date and the upcoming closed beta test, as well as trailers and gameplay details.

When was the Wuthering Waves release date? After seemingly being in active development for several years, the time has finally arrived for this anime role-playing game to dazzle us with its spectacular-looking open world, monster collecting, and complex combat system.

So, if you’re a fan of RPGs like Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy but wish the combat had mechanics similar to Devil May Cry, Wuthering Waves might be for you. We spoke with the developer Kuro Games about the combat system at GDC, where we also got to try out some of the anime game‘s characters. If you’re keen for more, below you’ll find everything we know about the gameplay, the gacha game mechanics, and the all-important release date.

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Wuthering Waves release date

The Wuthering Waves release date was Wednesday, May 22, 2024, which was confirmed during a Kuro Games showcase in March 2024. It is available on PC, as well as both iOS and Android mobile devices, but there’s no confirmation of it appearing on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S consoles just yet.

The release date was announced in a now-unlisted video stream posted to YouTube in March 2024. This stream also addressed some issues that arose during the last closed beta test. Such criticism includes the quality of the combat sound effects, the amount of grinding required for the Echoes system, and the inability to recycle useless Echoes. There will also be a new tutorial stage aimed at helping “beginners better understand and enjoy this gameplay.”

Since the livestream’s publication, a listing for the game has appeared on the Epic Games Store, meaning you’ll be able to play directly from that storefront from launch. This listing also confirms that the game will feature co-op multiplayer. However, there is no way to play it via Steam, meaning it won’t be natively compatible with the Steam Deck.

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Wuthering Waves beta date

Kuro Games revealed via a live stream that the last Wuthering Waves closed beta test would begin on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. This same stream followed from the previous closed beta test (CBT) in February. During a developer interview before that beta test, players experienced the completely revised storyline for the first time.

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Wuthering Waves trailers

Prior to the release date, we didn’t know much about the story, especially since the announcement of the rewritten plot earlier this year. However, we did get the Opening Cinematics trailer, which shows the player character, known as a Rover, being cast through space by a goddess. They soon awaken in a body of water and, during the Global Launch trailer, are under suspicion of being an enemy of mankind, known as a Threnodian.

Most of the other trailers introduce the Wuthering Waves roster, from the chilly sword-wielder Sanhua to the devious gunslinger Aalto. More recently, we saw trailers showing newer characters: the graceful Danjin easily handling some marauding bandits and the resourceful Jianxin taking down a bear that guards an ingredient needed to create a special tea.

There are other story-based clues out there. The Closed Beta 2 (CBT2) trailer also shows some enemies corrupted by their own power, where one of the main bad guys turns into a giant goat wielding a scythe, which the Rover takes on in battle.

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Wuthering Waves gameplay

We got our first glimpse of Wuthering Waves’ combat in a gameplay trailer in May 2022, with characters performing flashy moves to take down robotic enemies in a vast open world. They ran up the side of buildings and glided over gaps to get around. They also used their environments to gain an advantage in combat, getting the jump on unsuspecting foes and slashing them with their blades. We also saw perfect dodging and the use of grappling hooks to avoid danger.

Even though there are plenty of trailers, they don’t really show how you fight enemies. As shown in the video above from one of the CBTs, Wuthering Waves’ combat seems to be a mix of high-octane Devil May Cry combos, but with the same team-switching mechanics you’d see in Genshin Impact.

Your party consists of up to three different characters, but only one can be on the battlefield at any given time. Each one is winnable via the gacha system, so the key is to mix and match the roster together and create a team capable of unleashing huge amounts of damage onto unsuspecting foes.

Wuthering Waves release date: Three Rovers standing in the middle of a ruined city.

The other key mechanic in Wuthering Waves is monster catching. According to the Gacha Gamer on YouTube, when you defeat an enemy, they can sometimes leave behind a shadow of their former self, which you can absorb. They will then turn into artifacts that you can use to boost a character’s stats and even unique abilities to use in combat. One such example is that, by equipping the Lampylumen Myriad, you can transform into the monster to attack up to three times. They also have secret stats that require a resource. You will need to “tune” them to unlock one of up to 14 different stat upgrades.

You’ll need to use the game’s gacha game rechargeable item, Waveplates, to upgrade your heroes and artifacts. You can also farm for tuners by completing Tacet quests, which require Waveplates to begin. In addition, several banners allow you to pull new characters and weapons. In many ways, they work very similar to most gacha games: two banners dedicated to new weapons and three to new heroes, with some being a part of a limited-time event.

When PCGamesN spoke with Anthony Chau at GDC, the PR director said that Kuro Games’ main focus is on the combat, as the team wants to offer “a more refreshing take on the genre” so that it’s not just dismissed as a “Genshin Impact clone.” In it, they mention that circle indicators are on enemies that warn you of the incoming dangers. The ability to read and counter enemy attacks is available “from the get-go,” allowing even level five characters to take down much stronger enemies with enough skill.

Wuthering Waves release date: Micai sharing a ride with a young girl aboard a futuristic vehicle.

Wuthering Waves news

In November 2022, the first of the Wuthering Waves dev talks was published on the official YouTube channel. Here, the game designer Dong explains that the game at that time had “actually been in development for almost two years” and is being made in Unreal 4 Engine.

The second dev talk episode, presented by combat designer Wolf, details each character’s individual skills. He explains that as the playable fighter attacks, they build up “Concerto” energy for the other two party members. When they reach the “Resonance State,” they’ll unleash a powerful “Concerto Effect” upon switching in. The other two dev talks go into both the Art Design and Echo mechanic, respectively. However, with more recent feedback about Echoes after the CBTs, this could be subject to change.

Wuthering Waves guides

Finally, now that the game is out, here’s every one of our helpful and Wuthering Waves guides:

That was everything we knew about the Wuthering Waves release date, gameplay, and news prior to launch day. If you’ve tried it and found it isn’t quite what you’re looking for, this list of the best free PC games has plenty of similar action-packed anime-style gacha RPG games you can start playing right now.