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Your PC gaming weekend: win Hyper Universe, play Rainbow Six Siege’s huge update, prep for Destiny 2 on PC, and more!

PC Gaming Weekend September 8

Do you feel that? It’s jealousy. Destiny 2 came out on console this week and we have to wait until October until we can even think about playing it on PC. Boo! But don’t worry, while we can’t recommend that you spend the whole weekend playing Bungie’s latest, we do have plenty of things to get you prepped for when the moon wizards do arrive on our platform of choice. Plus, it’s not like we have a shortage of PC games right now – let’s see what PC gaming we recommend over the new few days…

Win the energetic mash-up MOBA Hyper Universe – we have 50 Steam keys!

What do you get when you cross a mad white lion, a Power Ranger, a ninja woman in a skimpy outfit, and a man-eating plant? The answer isHyper Universe. It’s a madcap side-scrolling MOBA that mashes together a lot of wild characters into a single game. Enter our giveaway so you can check out the full roster for yourself.

See what’s new in Rainbow Six Siege now its Blood Orchid update is out

After months of waiting, it is here, at long bloody last. Yep, the Blood Orchid update for Rainbow Six Siege – one of our favourite games here in the office – has now rolled out. Included is the new Theme Park map and three new operatives. Time to get some practice in, eh?

Download the Destiny Item Manager to prep for Destiny 2’s arrival on PC

We’ve already had a little cry about Destiny 2 being out on consoles and not on PC yet, so let’s skip that. To get yourself ready for when Destiny 2 does land on your computer, you can downlod the Destiny Item Manager, which has now been updated for the sequel. It’ll be a big help, promise.

Watch the Star Guardian trailer for League of Legends ahead of the new content

League of Legends and anime. What can go wrong? This week saw the release of the Star Guardian trailer for the world’s most popular MOBA. It’s very colourful so it should have no problem holding your attention. It’s a distraction, really, a way of helping us wait a little longer until those Star Guardian skins finally arrive.

Buy Texas-themed hats in Roblox to help out the Hurricane Harvey relief

If you want to help the world be a better place while you’re gaming this weekend then you could hop into Roblox and splash some of your cash. There are Texas-themed hats you can now buy, the proceeds of which all go towards helping people who have been caught up in Hurricane Harvey.

Revisit strategy game classics Battle for Middle-earth I and IIwith HD models

It’s not often we recommend that you play a game that’s over a decade old but, well, here we are. The reason being that Battle for Middle-earth and its sequel now have HD model packs that you can pick up, bringing your legions of elves and orcs into the modern era. Well, almost. If you still own these games on disc then whack ’em into your tower and download those new graphics.

Battle for Middle-earth HD

Check out Mirage: Arcane Warfare now that there are actually people playing it

Mirage: Arcane Warfare was basically dead at the start of the week. It came out earlier this year to no fanfare and continued to slip further into obscurity. Poor thing. Unexpected, too, given that it’s the follow-up to Chivalry, a pretty popular game. But now it’s got thousands of people playing it as it was available for free for a day. If you missed it, sorry, but you can purchase it now knowing that there will be people to play with.

Celebrate ten years of The Witcher by watching the anniversary video

My lord, The Witcher still feels new somehow, doesn’t it? Turns out it’s now ten years old. To celebrate that fact, developers CD Projekt RED have released an anniversary video featuring all our favourite characters. It’s a sentimental two minutes. It might make you want to go back and play The Witcher 3… or continue playing it like we still are.

Find out about the in-game secrets that developers didn’t want you to know

Those pesky developers. Turns out they’ve been hiding things from us this whole time. And we’re not talking cheat codes or bloody images of their faces behind false walls (looking at you, John Carmack). A bunch of developers revealed their biggest in-game secrets this past week and we’ve got a summary for you to check out. The more you know…

Prep for the forthcoming Destiny 2 launch with our tips for beginners

We still don’t think you’re ready for Destiny 2. We know, we know, it’s still over a month away (please, god, don’t remind us), but look, we’ve got a load of other games to play before it arrives and steals every waking second of our lives. So, in order to prep you even more for the game, we have put together a bunch of tips for beginners. Yes, one of us had to play the console version to do this. They’re now stood in the naughty corner.

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