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How to get the Modern Warfare 2 Intervention

The Modern Warfare 2 Intervention appears to coming back, but you might need to unlock it through a future Spec Ops mission reward if and when it arrives

Modern Warfare 2 Intervention: Alejandro Vargas looking at the camera

Will Modern Warfare 2 Intervention ever be released into the game? Perhaps the most adored sniper rifle in the entire Call of Duty series, Intervention has been spotted in the multiplayer game, but isn’t officially unlockable, so what’s going on? Iconic for its quick-scoping ability and frequent usage in overly produced YouTube montage clips, it seems like the FPS game reboot may be bringing back the popular gun.

There are over 50 Modern Warfare 2 guns, but it goes without saying the Intervention will quickly become a fan favourite once again if it’s anywhere near as strong as it used to be. However, Intervention has so far only been found in the co-op Spec Ops mode menu, so here’s what we know about how to get the Modern Warfare 2 Intervention.

Can you get the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2?

Thanks to a spot from CharlieIntel on Twitter, we know the Intervention is probably in Modern Warfare 2 2022. An icon that looks suspiciously like the Intervention crossed with the Widowmaker from Infinite Warfare has been found in the Spec Ops backpack. However, it also appears to be a blueprint, which means it can’t be unlocked through the standard methods of the Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith system.

At the moment, this doesn’t seem to have been verified by anyone else, nor does the Intervention seem to be unlockable in Modern Warfare 2 right now. However, we do know that more Spec Ops missions are coming over the future months, so perhaps more rewards will be available with them, including the Intervention blueprint. There is currently a weapon blueprint for The Rebel Kastov 762 variant available in Spec Ops star rewards, so this wouldn’t be too hard to believe – or too unrealistic to hope for.

As soon as we can confirm how to get the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2, we’ll update this guide with more info. Until then, if you’re keen to get your hands on the gun as soon as possible, then you’ll want to dive into Spec Ops mode with a friend.

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