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Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works guide

Our Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works guide will walk you through this abandoned facility in Hawezar and give you the lowdown on one of the game's best XP farms.

Two Diablo 4 Barbarians stand side by side in Maugan's Works.

How do you complete the Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works dungeon? We’ve got you covered. This particular location has a nifty reward for the Barbarian, and it’s also packed with elites. Our Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works guide discusses the objectives in this location, as well as the boss fight that follows. We’ll also cover a particular glitch that makes it viable for farming runs.

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How do I complete Diablo 4’s Maugan’s Works dungeon?

You can find the Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works dungeon in the Hawezar region. Specifically, it’s in the Fethis Wetlands sub-zone. The closest fast travel point is the Ruins of Rakhat Keep, which you unlock as part of the campaign. Alternatively, you can also use the one in Zarbinzet.

Maugan’s Works is found in Hawezar - Fethis Wetlands.

Free the prisoners and find the Warmaster’s key

The initial objective in the dungeon is to free the six prisoners. Given the procedurally generated interiors, we can’t provide an exact map as this changes for each player or party leader. Still, you can expect to find all six in various rooms, though they’re often guarded by several enemy mobs. The area is filled with small rooms and narrow corridors, too, allowing you to funnel in several opponents before blasting them with AoE abilities.

Most of the hostiles you face here are Dreadknights, Heralds, and other cultists, akin to those that you’ve battled in the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. There’s also an elite called the Warmaster. No, it’s not Horus Lupercal; it’s just a Dreadknight with randomized affixes.

There are six prisoners that you must free in Maugan's Works. Then, you’ll have to defeat the Warmaster elite to obtain a key. This screenshot shows the fight.

Activate the levers and travel to the Council of Thieves

Once you’ve taken out this foe, it’s time to open the locked door. Inside, over a dozen enemies will spawn. Eliminate them and take note of the two levers that you need to activate. The spike traps on the floor will cancel the action. As such, the idea is to time your button press properly so that you have a few seconds to complete the interactive prompt.

Finally, you’ll be able to head to the Council of Thieves chamber. There’s another section with several rooms, akin to barracks, but there are no new objectives here.

In Diablo 4's Maugan's Works, you must time the interact button press so the spikes don’t cancel the action. This screenshot highlights this prompt.

Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works boss

The Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works boss encounter pits you against the Knight Council. It consists of a Sacred Physician, Grand Inquisitor, and Lord Commander.

If you’ve already cleared the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon, then you’ll know what to expect. Generally speaking, you’ll want to prioritize the Sacred Physician due to his healing capabilities. The Grand Inquisitor himself can get damaged via AoE or minions, and you shouldn’t worry about him.

Once you’ve eliminated the first two, the only one that’s left is the Lord Commander. This large Dreadknight has powerful melee swings, which can take out a chunk of your HP. Still, since it’s alone, you can rely on your defensive cooldowns, ranged skills, or minions, to do most of the dirty work for you.

Prioritize the Sacred Physician, followed by the Grand Inquisitor. Save the Lord Commander for last. Unlike Jon Snow, he’s not going to get back up.

Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works reward

After defeating the boss, you’ll receive the Earthstriker’s Diablo 4 Aspect for the Barbarian. It has the following effect: “After swapping weapons ten times, your next attack will Overpower and deal 30% increased Overpower damage.”

Did Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works Get Nerfed?

One of the reasons the Diablo 4 Maugan’s Works dungeon gained a bit of popularity, at least among high-level players, is due to a particular glitch. Basically, this and a few other dungeons were scripted to spawn numerous elites often. Because of narrow corridors and high mob density, it was easy to amass a lot of XP in Maugan’s Works.

However, we’ve recently learned of a hotfix that was applied by Blizzard. One of the fixes notes: “Fixed an issue where elite monster packs in some dungeons were spawning in higher frequency than expected.”

Screenshot of a battle breaking out in Maugan's Works.

Sadly, that could mean that the Maugan’s Works XP farm method has been nerfed completely. Still, you don’t need to worry. There are still a lot of viable XP-boosting methods that we detail in our leveling guide. For other mechanics and strategies, you can visit our Diablo 4 guide for tips and tricks page to refamiliarize yourself with the game. We’ve also got lists of all the Altar of Lilth, dungeon, and stronghold locations.