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Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times, location, loot, and how to beat

Diablo 4's Ashava the Pestilent is just one of several brutal world bosses, so here's her spawn times and location to help you find and beat her quickly.

Diablo 4 Ashava, a terrifying world boss, spews poison as she claws her way out of a hellish portal.

What are the Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times? Ashava the Pestilent effortlessly steals the lives of wayward adventurers using its scythed talons – but you won’t find her lurking at the end of a dungeon. Instead, Ashava’s hellish portal only appears at set spawn times and locations. She’s easy to miss, but we’re here to help ensure you both locate and beat her with minutes to spare.

While Ashava is just one Diablo 4 world boss of many, in our experience, she’s the one you’re most likely to encounter since she often spawns in the starting region of the Diablo 4 map. That said, you’ll find her a tough opponent regardless of which Diablo 4 classes you choose to play. We’ve taken her down, so here are all the tips we have to help you beat Ashava the Pestilent, as well as her location and spawn times.

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Diablo 4 Ashava spawn times and location

Diablo 4’s Ashava the Pestilent has a chance to spawn once every six hours in the following locations:

  • The Crucible, Fractured Peaks
  • Caen Adar, Scosglen
  • Saraan Caldera, Dry Steppes
  • Seared Basin, Khejistan
  • Fields of Desecration, Hawezar

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend time waiting around for Ashava to spawn. Once you complete all acts in the main campaign and reach the Diablo 4 endgame, a tooltip appears 30 minutes before Ashava spawns that prompts you to travel to the marked location. You can also rely on the unofficial Diablo 4 boss tracker add-on to ping you on your social media platform of choice. Either way, be sure to fast travel and summon your Diablo 4 mount to reach Ashava with plenty of time to spare.

The Diablo 4 Ashava battle rages on across the ice of The Crucible, with the demonic world boss taking front and center as she vomits up poison and dwarfs the group of players surrounding her.

How to beat Diablo 4 Ashava

If you’re looking to take on a Diablo 4 world boss and survive, we highly recommend spending all your available skill points to ensure you have the best skills possible. If you need inspiration, take a look at the best Diablo 4 builds as chosen by Blizzard (and us). We’ve also got a separate guide on the best weapons in the game, as well as the best aspects for your class and build.

One of Ashava’s most significant moves will cover the ground in poison, so be sure you bring along any poison resistance items you have, whether that’s socketed gems or elixirs. Some of her melee moves can also take you out in one hit if you aren’t prepared, so try and stay directly underneath her to avoid her attacks, and keep an eye on her movements to predict an incoming hit. It also goes without saying that you should ensure your healing potion is fully upgraded before you even think about engaging Ashava in combat.

You can coordinate with up to 11 other players in the battle, so be sure to make use of Diablo 4 crossplay and co-op to bring a few friends along with you in the multiplayer game. We’ve also got some more general Diablo 4 tips for staying alive in Sanctuary.

Ashava the Pestilent loot

The most valuable drops from Ashava are Scattered Prisms, which are used to add sockets to your gear. You can socket your best armor, weapons, and jewelry to add Diablo 4 gems for additional stat bonuses. You may also be lucky enough to receive legendary items, so it’s worth tackling her multiple times for farming gear and gold.

If you managed to defeat Ashava during the server slam, you should have the Cry of Ashava mount trophy as part of the rewards. Be sure to flaunt it to any wanderers who cross your path in the open-world game.

With this guide under your belt, you should have no trouble tracking down Ashava the Pestilent and beating this fearsome Diablo 4 world boss. For more guides to success in Sanctuary, we can help you know whether to salvage or sell, find all those Altar of Lilith locations for skill boosts, and you might even want to check out our overall thoughts in our Diablo 4 review. Finally, we’ve got the lowdown on Diablo 4 Steam Deck compatibility, so you can get your ARPG fix on the go.