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Diablo 4 Wandering Death spawn times, location, and how to beat

D4's Wandering Death world boss is an abhorrent, skeletal nightmare that drops valuable loot, so here's its spawn times and location, as well as how to beat it.

Diablo 4 Wandering Death world boss is a skeletal figure with a glowing green chest

How do I defeat Diablo 4 Wandering Death? This cadaverous world boss presents quite the challenge, even for the most experienced D4 players. Despite its enormous size, Wandering Death’s set locations and spawn times make it surprisingly easy to miss, but we’re here to help you find and beat it within the allotted time for huge rewards.

Wandering Death is just one Diablo 4 world boss of many, it spawns in multiple locations on the Diablo 4 map, meaning it can be tricky to track down. We’ve spent time refining the best builds for all of the Diablo 4 classes to take it down, which can help you destroy Wandering Death, Death Given Life for good… until its next spawn, that is.

Diablo 4 wandering death world boss is a skeletal nightmare of a creature

Diablo 4 Wandering Death spawn times and location

Diablo 4’s Wandering Death has a chance to spawn once every six hours in the following locations:

  • The Crucible, Fractured Peaks (southeast of Bear Tribe Refuge)
  • Caen Adar, Scosglen (north of Corbach)
  • Sarran Caldera, Dry Steppes (northeast of Ruins of Qara Yisu)
  • Fields of Desecration, Hawezar (southeast of Zarbinzet)

World bosses appear at set spawn times throughout the day, though you will only receive a notification once you’ve reached the endgame. This notification appears 20 minutes before the boss emerges into the open-world game, giving you plenty of time to hop on your Diablo 4 mount or interact with a fast travel point to reach Wandering Death’s location.

How to beat Diablo 4 Wandering Death

Now that you’ve located the beast, you might wonder how to take it down. Wandering Death is a skeletal figure whose only goal is to slice you up. It has multiple phases, marked by arrows on its health bar, and each phase has slightly different mechanics. As each arrow turns, grey, healing potions will drop to help you progress through the fight with less dying.

Wandering Death has a stagger bar filled with crowd control effects – check out our best Rogue build for how to fully utilize these. When staggered, Wandering Death will unleash two caged souls. Aim to eliminate these caged souls before Wandering Death can consume them to deal massive damage to the world boss.

Diablo 4 wandering death world boss uses seven different mechanics including a wave that ripples across the arena

Here are the seven techniques that Diablo 4 Wandering Death world boss will use in the fight:

  • Death Beam – Wandering Death’s most powerful attack. Whilst slowly rotating, a beam will be cast from each of its hands. As it takes damage from the players pummelling him, more beams will be cast. Try to stay between two of the beams and move at the same pace as the world boss to remain unharmed.
  • Death Crater – Wandering Death will create a large crater that explodes after five seconds, causing massive damage. If you become trapped inside the crater, don’t waste your skills here as the attacks will all be blocked. As the fight progresses, Wandering Death will spawn more Death Craters.
  • Death Grasp – Wandering Death will shoot two hooks under the ground, before lifting itself up and pulling the hooks towards itself, devastating any player caught in the wake. To avoid these attacks, look for the ground changing color and stay well away. As the battle progresses, more of these will be shot out. Keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Death Pound – Wandering Death will double slam the ground in front of it followed by another slam behind it. Each slam creates a wave of spikes. As its health depletes, the ground becomes more deadly.
  • Death Shout – The sixth Wandering Death boss mechanic is the Death Shout. It will yell out, causing a shockwave to ripple across the battlefield. Avoid this, it hurts.
  • Death Tornadoes – These whirlwinds of fatality tear through the arena, taking down players in their wake. As Wandering Death’s health depletes, the tornadoes become more frequent.

Diablo 4 Wandering Death loot

Wandering Death drops Scattered Prisms, which can be used to add sockets to your gear. This allows gems to be added to increase an item’s stats and grant additional bonuses. Players can also expect to receive the usual rewards from defeating the Wandering Death world boss, including gold, loot, and XP. There’s even a small chance for Unique items to drop, making it well worth the attempt.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of Wandering Death’s mechanics as well as where to locate it and when it spawns, you’re fully prepared to take on the world boss. While you’re waiting, why not take a read of our tips hub, which features every guide we’ve made for Diablo 4? Don’t forget to check on the other world bosses, Ashava the Pestilent and Avarice, the Gold Cursed, to make sure you don’t miss their spawn times.