The best Diablo Immortal Necromancer build for PvP and PvE

Create the best Diablo Immortal Necromancer build with a blend of support, status, and DPS abilities powerful enough to raise the dead

Best Diablo Immortal Necromancer build: A Necromancer uses their Grim Scythe ability in a graveyard

Wondering how to craft the best Necromancer build in Diablo Immortal? It seems self-explanatory on the surface – dark mage summons dead people for battle – but Diablo Immortal’s Necromancer class has a surprising amount of flexibility in how you send your foes into the great beyond. Despite being burdened with low mobility, the Necromancer excels in PvE and PvP combat.

The best Diablo Immortal Necromancer build covers a broad range of areas, including distance attacks and support skills. There’s a good deal of flexibility in how you approach these skills too. You could opt for a support Necromancer, for example, or a master of summons who destroys all in their path. If you’re playing with a Clan, make sure to consider how your build may complement your party members as well.

This guide covers the best skills for your Necromancer and what kind of combat style to focus on for both PvE and PvP modes. We’ll also cover the best Diablo Immortal gems you should prioritize to boost those skills and get the most from one of Diablo Immortal’s most unique classes.

Diablo Immortal Best Necromancer Build

The Necromancer is best used at a distance, since it’s a fragile magic class and can’t move around too quickly. Once you reach level eight, you gradually start unlocking skills that help offset these drawbacks, though you also have a decision to make. Your Necromancer could focus on support for PvP play, with skills that hinder enemy movement and cancel attacks, or you could turn it into a full DPS class, penetrating armor and sweeping the field with AoE attacks.

We’ve opted for a DPS approach. While it leaves the Necromancer slightly more vulnerable to enemy attacks, it gives you much more versatility in all scenarios.

Best attributes for Necromancer

  • Intelligence
  • Fortitude
  • Vitality

Intelligence is a must for the Necromancer, since it acts like Strength for melee classes and affects your overall damage output. Fortitude gives a slight boost to your armor, but it also buffs your armor piercing abilities, which is handy for some of the Necromancer’s skills. Finally, Vitality is essential for the squishy Necromancer and helps increase its slightly meager health pool.

A Clan of players face a swarm of demons

Best skills for Necromancer

Primary Skill: Soulfire

Soulfire launches a magic fireball at enemies that explodes and deals 25% of its base damage to any enemy the explosion effects. It’s a more flexible ability than Bone Spear, which can only pierce two enemies at once and is less useful in situations with multiple enemies.

Core Skills

Command Skeletons

  • Unlocks at: Level 1
  • Commands up to four skeletal warriors to attack foes

Corpse Explosion

  • Unlocks at: Level 3
  • Causes the bodies of dead enemies to explode

Wraith Form

  • Unlocks at: Level 15
  • Grants a 50% increase in movement for a short time

Bone Armor

  • Unlocks at: Level 41
  • Provides a defense buff for you and nearby allies

Command Golem (alternate fourth skill)

  • Unlocks at: Level 50
  • Summons a massive golem that deals heavy damage to everything in its path

This build lets your Necromancer survive a wide array of threats and hold its own against most enemies, and you’ve got some flexibility with the support skills. If, by the time you reach level 15, you aren’t bothered by the Necromancer’s lack of mobility, skip Wraith Form and focus on Bone Armor and Command Golem instead. Alternatively, you could drop Bone Armor if you don’t want to invest in a defensive skill. A few of these abilities are unlocked at higher levels, so if you need a helping hand climbing up the ranks then check out our Diablo Immortal leveling guide.

A group of necromancers summoning skeletons

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Command Skeletons and Soulfire are your main skills and the ones that will see you through most of the game. Corpse Explosion is powerful, with the caveat that no corpses means no explosions. It’s mostly useful in PvE situations as a result, though it can still come in handy during PvP matches, especially if you’re running the Shadow Clan events to try and gain Immortal status.

Best gems for Necromancer

  • Chained Death
  • Freedom and Devotion
  • Bloody Reach
  • Follower’s Burden

This loadout boosts your attack and makes your summons even more useful. Chained Death increases attack for every enemy you hit, while Bloody Reach boosts the power of your ranged attacks and even gives them the chance to slow opponents.

Freedom and Devotion extends the amount of time your summons are on the field for, and Follower’s Burden buffs your attack for each active follower, while decreasing the damage they take.

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